All Diablo 4 Dungeon Locations And Maps

There are over a hundred dungeon locations in Diablo 4 to clear, not counting the story dungeons. Here are the map locations of all of them.

There are over a hundred different dungeon locations to find across all five regions on the map in Diablo 4. That is not counting the main story dungeons that are part of either the main campaign or a side quest.

Just as in the previous installments of the franchise, the D4 dungeons are part of your endgame content. You are going to be grinding all of these dungeons for several reasons—more on that later, at the top of which lies your sole goal of improving your builds and becoming stronger.

You can easily track all of the dungeons on your map as long as they have been discovered through exploring. If not, then below are all of the dungeon locations for your convenience in Diablo 4.

What do you get from clearing dungeons in Diablo 4?

Clearing dungeons is one good way to farm XP and other resources such as gold and crafting materials. However, the most important reason why you are going to be traveling from one dungeon location to the other is to complete your Codex of Power.

Completing each dungeon unlocks a legendary aspect in Diablo 4 which can then be imprinted on your gear to vastly improve one of your skills or overall build performance.

All classes can use some of these aspects, whereas some are class-exclusive. It means that the Barbarian class can only use the legendary aspects present for their class, and so is the case with other classes.


Do note that there are also Capstone dungeons in Diablo 4 which are a little different from your other dungeons. Completing them allows you to increase your World Tier difficulty to make the game harder but with more rewards such as gear with higher item power levels.

You should also know that there is a certain nightmare dungeons tier list that gives you the most amount of XP. These need to be farmed again and again as part of the endgame grind.

Where to find every dungeon in Diablo 4

A total of 115 dungeons are scattered throughout the five regions of Diablo 4. You need to visit each region and its subregions to clear every dungeon.

Dry Steppes

There are a total of 21 dungeon locations to find and clear in the Dry Steppes region of Diablo 4. Most of these dungeons are located in the central parts of the region with only a few on either the outskirts or coastal border.

The map locations of all dungeons in the Dry Steppes region of Diablo 4.
DungeonDungeon BossLegendary AspectClass
1Ancient’s LamentNoneAspect of Volatile ShadowsRogue
2Betrayer’s RowScourge of the LandAspect of Potent BloodNecromancer
3Bloodsoaked CragChief MarauderShepherd’s AspectDruid
4Buried HallsResurrected MaliceRapid AspectAll
5Carrion FieldsTomb LordAspect of the Iron WarriorBarbarian
6Champion’s DemiseKhazra AbominationAspect of the UmbralAll
7Charnel HouseNoneAspect of Perpetual StompingBarbarian
8Dark RavineMother’s JudgementAspect of MightAll
9Forgotten DepthsTomb LordAspect of Biting ColdSorcerer
10Grinning LabyrinthScourge of the LandAspect of the Calm BreezeDruid
11Guulrahn CanalsNoneTrickster’s AspectRogue
12Guulrahn SlumsResurrected MaliceSplintering AspectNecromancer
13Komdor TempleKhazra AbominationAspect of the Bounding ConduitSorcerer
14MournfieldOutlaw SharpshooterAspect of Berserk RippingBarbarian
15Onyx HoldNoneStorm Swell AspectSorcerer
16Pallid DelveTomb LordElementalist’s AspectSorcerer
17Path of the BlindScourge of the LandAspect of Bursting BonesNecromancer
18Sealed ArchivesTomb LordAspect of Mending StoneDruid
19Seaside DescentNoneAspect of RetaliationDruid
20Shifting CityTomb LordRavenous AspectRogue
21Whispering VaultTomb LordAspect of Unstable ImbuementsRogue

Fractured Peaks

There are a total of 23 dungeon locations in the Fractured Peaks region of Diablo 4. You will need to unlock a mount (if you have not already) because reaching each location in Fractured Peaks is going to take some traveling as evident from how they are spread out on the map below.

The map locations of all dungeons in the Fractured Peaks region of Diablo 4.
DungeonDungeon BossLegendary AspectClass
1Anica’s ClaimNoneStormclaw’s AspectDruid
2Black AsylumNoneAspect of TormentNecromancer
3Caldera GateNoneEluding AspectAll
4Cultist RefugeNoneFlamewalker’s AspectSorcerer
5Dead Man’s DredgeNoneAspect of Piercing ColdSorcerer
6Defiled CatacombBroodguardAspect of Tempering BlowsBarbarian
7Derelict LodgeSpiritcaller of FrostAspect of Explosive VerveRogue
8Forbidden CityResurrected MaliceNighthowler’s AspectDruid
9Forsaken QuarryKhazra AbominationAspect of Encircling BladesRogue
10Hallowed OssuaryBlood BishopAspect of Unrelenting FuryBarbarian
11Hoarfrost DemiseKhazra AbominationBlood-Bathed AspectNecromancer
12Immortal EmanationBlood BishopMangled AspectDruid
13Kor Dragan BarracksNoneAspect of AnemiaBarbarian
14Kor Valar RampartsKnight CouncilBlast-Trapper’s AspectRogue
15Light’s WatchDen MotherAspect of ConflagrationSorcerer
16Lost ArchivesSpiritcaller of FrostAspect of the ProtectorAll
17MaulwoodNoneSlaking AspectBarbarian
18Mercy’s ReachTomb LordBlood Seeker’s AspectNecromancer
19Nostrava DeepwoodNoneFlesh-Rending AspectNecromancer
20Rimescar CavernKhazra AbominationAspect of Plunging DarknessNecromancer
21Sanguine ChapelBlood BishopEnergizing AspectRogue
22Tormented RuinsScourge of the LandAspect of the UnsatiatedDruid
23ZenithBlood BishopRecharging AspectSorcerer


Hawezar also has 23 dungeon locations to go through just as Fractured Peaks in Diablo 4. Many players tend to take this region to be small, but that is not true. You are going to be covering a lot of ground to reach all of the locations marked below on the map.

The map locations of all dungeons in the Hawezar region of Diablo 4.
DungeonDungeon BossLegendary AspectClass
1Akkhan’s GraspBlood BishopBlighted AspectNecromancer
2Ancient ReservoirTomb LordAspect of Ancestral EchoesBarbarian
3Bastion of FaithMera and her SentinelsTrickshot AspectRogue
4Belfry ZakaraDrowned SeahagAspect of the Ursine HorrorDruid
5Blind BurrowsBroodguardAspect of the TempestDruid
6Earthen WoundChief MarauderAspect of Singed ExtremitiesSorcerer
7Endless GateScourge of the LandAspect of the Rampaging WerebeastDruid
8Faceless ShrineMother’s JudgementUnyielding Commander’s AspectNecromancer
9Fetid MausoleumBlood BishopSnowguard’s AspectSorcerer
10Ghoa RuinsDrowned SeahagEnshrouding AspectRogue
11Haunted RefugeNoneBrawler’s AspectBarbarian
12Heathen’s KeepBlood BishopAspect of Numbing WrathBarbarian
13Iron HoldScourge of the LandFastblood AspectNecromancer
14Leviathan’s MawNoneAspect of Siphoned VictualsRogue
15Light’s RefugeKnight CouncilAspect of Bul-KathosBarbarian
16Lost KeepResurrected MaliceAspect of the Deflecting BarrierAll
17Maugan’s WorkKnight CouncilEarthstriker’s AspectBarbarian
18OblivionNoneAspect of Shared MiseryAll
19Ruins of EriduSpiritcaller of FlamesSacrificial AspectNecromancer
20Serpent’s LairNoneAspect of Three CursesSorcerer
21Shadow PlungeNoneAspect of Branching VolleysRogue
22Steadfast BarracksMother’s JudgementVigorous AspectDruid
23WitchwaterSlitherProdigy’s AspectSorcerer


The good news is that almost all of the 23 dungeon locations can be found in one large cluster near the central-southwestern parts of Kehjistan in Diablo 4. The bad news is that there are a lot of mountains and obstacles to navigate between, so be ready to maneuver the many twists and corners.

The map locations of all dungeons in the Kehjistan region of Diablo 4.
DungeonDungeon BossLegendary AspectClass
1Abandoned MineworksNoneAspect of RetributionAll
2Collapsed VaultSeething HivemasterAspect of Cyclonic ForceDruid
3ConclaveNoneAspect of the Changeling’s DebtDruid
4Corrupted GrottoNoneAspect of Grasping VeinsNecromancer
5Crumbling HekmaTomb LordAspect of Splintering EnergySorcerer
6Crusader’s CathedralTomb LordStormshifter’s AspectDruid
7Deserted UnderpassNoneTorturous AspectNecromancer
8Fading EchoCaptain SvanjasgaSkinwalker’s AspectDruid
9Forgotten RuinsSlitherIron Blood AspectBarbarian
10Hakan’s RefugeNoneRelentless Berserker’s AspectBarbarian
11Halls of the DamnedTomb LordAspect of DisobedienceAll
12Heretics AsylumLord Commander, Devoted Champion, Grand InquisitorVeteran Brawler’s AspectBarbarian
13InfernoScourge of the LandVengeful AspectRogue
14Prison of CaldeumScourge of the LandOpportunist’s AspectRogue
15Putrid AquiferNoneAspect of the UnwaveringSorcerer
16Renegade’s RetreatOutlaw SharpshooterAspect of CorruptionRogue
17Sepulcher of the ForswornSeething HivemasterHulking AspectNecromancer
18Shivta RuinsSeething HivemasterWind Striker AspectAll
19Sirocco CavernsNoneAspect of Echoing FuryBarbarian
20Sunken LibraryNoneAspect of ControlSorcerer
21Tombs of the SaintsResurrected MaliceIncendiary AspectSorcerer
22Uldur’s CaveNoneAspect of the DamnedNecromancer
23Yshari SanctumMother’s JudgementNeedleflare AspectAll


Scosglen has the most number of dungeons among all of the five regions. You have to complete a total of 25 dungeon locations here in Diablo, most of which are pretty spread out on the map.

The map locations of all dungeons in the Scosglen region of Diablo 4.
DungeonDungeon BossLegendary AspectClass
1AldurwoodDen MotherAspect of ReanimationNecromancer
2Broken BulwarkKhazra AbominationGhostwalker AspectAll
3Calibel’s MineResurrected MaliceAspect of the Relentless ArmsmasterBarbarian
4Demon’s WakeNoneAspect of Uncanny TreacheryRogue
5Domhainne TunnelsKhazra AbominationAspect of EfficiencySorcerer
6Feral’s DenInnes, Vengeance of Glora-An- FhaidhaAspect of QuicksandDruid
7Flooded DepthsNoneAspect of Empowering ReaperNecromancer
8Garan HoldSpiritcaller of FlamesAspect of the Dire WhirlwindBarbarian
9HiveBroodguardAspect of Swelling CurseNecromancer
10Howling WarrenNoneAspect of Arrow StormsRogue
11Jalal’s VigilBrambleBladedancer’s AspectRogue
12Luban’s RestTomb LordCheat’s AspectRogue
13Maddux WatchTomb LordCharged AspectSorcerer
14Mariner’s RefugeDrowned SeahegOvercharged AspectDruid
15OldstonesKhazra AbominationEdgemaster’s AspectAll
16Penitent CairnsResurrected MaliceDeath Wish AspectBarbarian
17Raethwind WildsBrambleAspect of Inner CalmAll
18Sarat’s LairSeratSnowveiled AspectSorcerer
19StockadesResurrected MaliceCrashstone AspectDruid
20Sunken RuinsNoneAspect of Ancestral ForceBarbarian
21Twisted HollowBrambleShadowslicer AspectRogue
22UnderrootNoneAspect of the ExpectantAll
23Vault of the ForsakenDrowned SeahagRequiem AspectNecromancer
24Whispering PinesSpiritcaller of SquallsBallistic AspectDruid
25Wretched DelveSpiritcaller of SquallsAspect of Static ClingSorcerer

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