Diablo 4 Bloodsoaked Crag Dungeon Guide

Like other dungeons in Diablo 4, Bloodsoaked Crag will allow you to test your fighting skills by slaying hundreds of enemies.

Like other dungeons in Diablo 4, Bloodsoaked Crag will allow you to test your fighting skills by slaying hundreds of enemies and earning extensive rewards and legendary items.

Completing this Dungeon also rewards you with a unique Aspect, which will be helpful for you to customize your character build.

Our guide will help you complete all the objectives of the Bloodsoaked Crag dungeon in D4 and claim rewards.

Bloodsoaked Crag location in Diablo 4

Bloodsoaked Crag Dungeon is located in the corner of the Bloodied Plateau of Dry Steppes. It is in the north of the Untamed Scarps Region, east of the Fields of Hatred, on the west coast of Kehjistan.

The best possible way to reach the Bloodsoaked Crag dungeon would be through the Jirandai waypoint. You need to move north from the point, crossing dungeons like Charnel House and Sealed Archives.

You will have to fight many enemies and elites in this area before you enter the dungeon.


Bloodsoaked Crag completion rewards

The Bloodsoaked Crag dungeon offers +30 Renown and Shepherd’s Aspect upon its completion in Diablo 4. The Druid class can only equip the aspect, but it is an excellent addition to your Codex of Power.

How to complete Bloodsaoked Crag in Diablo 4

There will be a lot of fighting in the Bloodsoaked Dungeon with ordinary and elite enemies. This makes this dungeon an excellent farming spot. By completing this dungeon, you can fill your inventory with gold, gems, jewelry, gears, and many rare and legendary items.

You will also find many chests containing gold and other valuables. However, this dungeon is time-consuming and will be better if you play with a Druid.

You will fight several types of enemies in this dungeon, but the most common are the Flesh Eaters, Flesh Rippers, Flesh Maulers, Plague Maggots, and Flesh Crawlers. You will also face elite enemies like Snowy Flesh Eater, Helldrinkers, Bloodpulse, and Razor Pulse Elites in the D4 Bloodsoaked Crag dungeon.

Free the Prisoners and kill Hell Drinkers

The first objective is straightforward, as you will fight only small groups of enemies. After freeing all the prisoners, you will fight pair of elite enemies, Ravak Helldrinker and Gruka Helldrinker.

Collect Animus from Animus Carriers

After slaying the Helldrinker Elites, you must find your way to the Vile Encampment while killing waves of enemies. At the Vile Encampment, you must collect Animus from Animus Carriers. Animus is a smoky blob that is dropped when you slay an elite enemy called the Animus Carrier in Diablo 4.

These Animus Carriers are marked with a skull icon on your mini-map. You must fight dozens of waves of elite enemies to collect the required animus. This will also be your chance to farm many items.

After your animus amount bar is full, head to the Animus Urn to deposit it. Then you must fight the Chief Marauder Boss to complete this Dungeon in Diablo 4.

Defeat the Chief Marauder

Chief Marauder Boss appears to be a beast bull with a massive two-sided axe. This boss will mostly attack you by swinging its axe multiple times. You have to avoid its attack and constantly attack him. Amid the fight, he will pause to regain his stamina, providing you the best chance to strike him.

After regaining stamina, he will instantly attack you with a powerful strike that will damage you badly if caught in it. After you defeat the Chief Marauder boss in Diablo 4, your Blooadsoaked Crag Dungeon will be completed, and you will receive Sand-Worn Vestment, Weathered Tunic, and some hundred gold.

You will also receive the Sheperd’s Aspect, which you can view in Codex of Power.

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