How To Get Charged Aspect In Diablo 4

Because of the Charged aspect in Diablo 4, your movement speed will increase if you pick up the crackling energy from the ground.

The Charged Aspect in Diablo 4 is an example of a mobility legendary aspect of the Sorcerer class. Because of this aspect, if you pick up the crackling energy from the ground, your movement speed will be increased significantly, but only for a few seconds. 

Crackling energy is little orbs of lighting generated if you use lighting skills to damage enemies. Due to its mobility nature, Charged Aspect is among the best Sorcerer aspects of D4

Charged Aspect is one of many Codex of Power of Sorcerer class. But before you learn how to get Charged Aspects, unlock the lighting skills from the Sorcerer skill tree, like Destructive Chain Lighting, Mythical Teleport, etc. So, you can generate a max amount of crackling energy.  

Charged Aspect location in Diablo 4

Since the Charged Aspect is a Codex of Power, you will get it after a dungeon. The dungeon which will reward you with a Charged Aspect D4 is the Maddux Watch dungeon. This dungeon is in Highlands Wilds (east side of the map), in Fractured Peaks.

You can save time by using the waypoints nearby and walking or riding the rest of the journey. The nearest waypoint to Maddux Watch dungeon is Under the Fat Goose Inn, in the north. After fast-traveling, ride or walk in the south to reach the desired dungeon. Complete it to get the Charged Aspect in D4.

Using the waypoints benefits you more because it also gives you access to a few dungeons, such as Hive dungeonOldstones dungeon, and a few story dungeons, such as Abandoned Barrow, Abandoned Smuggler’s Den, and Embered Recess. 


If you are lucky, you can also get the aspect as a drop from the legendary items you get while participating in the World Events. Defeating World Bosses can also get you this aspect, but it rarely happens as you can get any aspect from the drop.

Charged Aspect builds in Diablo 4

Due to its effect on picking crackling energies, many builds, like Burning Meteor Sorcerer build and Arc lash Sorcerer build, do not pair with it because they do not generate crackling energies. Chain Lightning build will go perfectly with the Charged Aspect in D4. 

In this build, you must unlock skills like Arc Lash, Chain Lighting, Frost Nova, Teleport, etc. If skills like Chain Lighting and Teleport are upgraded enough, they will generate crackling energies. Since Charged Aspect uses these energies and turns them into something more practical, it is perfect for this build. 

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