Diablo 4 Nostrava Deepwood Dungeon Guide

Nostrava Deepwood is a dungeon with no boss or annoying objectives in Diablo 4. All you have to do is kill everything in sight.

Nostrava Deepwood is one of the many dungeons you can clear for good loot in Diablo 4. This one in particular is fairly short and easy. There is not much to explore and all you have to do is kill everyone and everything in sight.

There is also no boss waiting for you at the end of the dungeon, just elite enemies that drop better gear.

If you are intrigued as well now, follow along because we are going to be telling you everything there is to know about Nostrava Deepwood Dungeon in D4.

Nostrava Deepwood location in Diablo 4

The Nostrava Deepwood dungeon is located in the Pallid Glade which is part of the Fractured Peaks region towards the west of Sanctuary.

If you are coming from Nostrava, the dungeon will be towards the north, and if you are coming from Sarkova Pass then the dungeon will be in the southeastern direction.

Nostrava Deepwood dungeon location in Diablo 4

Nostrava Deepwood completion rewards

Who doesn’t like to be rewarded for their efforts since dungeons in Diablo 4 are like cash cows, one is waiting to get their hands on some honey. Since Nostrava Deepwood is a quick dungeon, with no end boss, don’t expect anything too crazy.

On top of all of the renown, you will also get the Flesh Rending Legendary aspect. In an overview, this legendary aspect will spawn a corpse every decomposes and grant you 10 essences.

Nostrava Deepwood dungeon walkthrough in Diablo 4

Before entering, you must know that you will be swamped with tons of enemies that will gang up on you, so it is best to prepare your arsenal beforehand and stack up on AOE and crowd-control attacks.

If you are done with that, here is what you need to do in order to complete the Nostrava Deepwood Dungeon.

Slay everything and everyone

First and foremost, the task at hand will be to rid the dungeon of all the enemies. You come across a variety of enemies such as skeletons, skeletal structures, and Wood Wraths.

All of these will gang up on you and will try to constantly take you down. Your primary objective in this part is to slay every enemy that comes your way. Having AOE attacks and crowd control attacks is a plus because they will greatly help you in your quest.

The overall area of the dungeon is extensive so you might have to travel a little to find all of the enemies but since the attack is in mobs, finding one will trigger all of them to keep following.

Travel to the Treebones Glade

You will find all of these enemies in the first section of the map and in order to complete the whole dungeon, you will also have to clear out the second phase of the dungeon as well.

Access to the second section of the dungeon is restricted so you will have to activate the passage to the second phase by interacting with two levers which can be found near the area where there is a wall of light blocking the entrance to the second part of the Dungeon – Treebones Glade.

Once you find and interact with both of the Levers, the passage will open and you will enter the second phase of the Nostrava Deepwood Dungeon.

Slay The Treebones

The last step before you clear out the whole Dungeon is to take down two Treebones. They are enemies that are buffed-up tree enemies that are going to try their best to put you inside your grave.

They are going to be three of them that you need to take down. Once you are done with the third one, the Dungeon will be concluded and the reward will be all yours.

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