Diablo 4 Faceless Shrine Dungeon Guide

The Faceless Shrine dungeon in Diablo 4 offers you some good loot and a boss fight at the end that will reward you with a legendary ...

The Faceless Shrine dungeon in Diablo 4 offers you some good loot and a boss fight at the end that will reward you with a legendary Aspect. You will find this dungeon in the Hawezar region of the D4 map. Completing the objectives of this dungeon is not that difficult but takes some time, so be patient.

To make it easier, we have prepared a guide with the location and complete walkthrough of the Faceless Shrine.

Faceless Shrine location in Diablo 4

The Faceless Shrine dungeon is in the Forsaken Coast area of Hawezar, southeast of the map. You can travel by yourself or save time and use the Backwater waypoint and then travel southwest.

Diablo 4 Faceless Shrine dungeon walkthrough

Since you will face a boss at the end, it is better to prepare for it. Crafting Elixirs like Resistance against all elements is a good option with upgraded gear. Choose your class wisely by looking at the dungeon.

Here are all the objectives that you need to complete.

Free the five prisoners

Explore the area and look for the prisoners. These prisoners must be roped to something, so carefully look all over the dungeon. You will fight with some Elite, Low-level enemies, and Champion enemies. Since the Faceless Shrine dungeon in D4 is massive, it will take time to look for these prisoners.


Travel to the Chamber of Purging

Explore the dungeon further to look for the Chamber of Purging. Another objective of slaying all the enemies will also pop up. These enemies are hard to defeat, but with the proper use of skills, you will defeat them.

Explore further, and you will eventually reach the Chamber of Purging.

Destroy the three Blood Obelisk

Blood Obelisks are black pillars to destroy to advance to the next objective in Diablo 4. Explore this new area, and you will come across these pillars. Each of these pillars is surrounded by Elite and Low-level enemies, so you need to take care of them first.

With the destruction of each pillar, an Elite enemy (Ritual leader) will come forward to fight you. Defeat him quickly to avoid health loss.

Travel to the Altar of the Faceless

In this objective, you must travel further to the Altar of the Faceless, where you will face the boss.

Defeat the Mother’s Judgement

Mother’s Judgement is the name of the boss that you will face at the end of the Faceless Shrine dungeon. She has some attacks, like creating red circles and exploding them. Do not step into these circles, or you will lose your health substantially.

While dodging her attacks, move closer and attack her with powerful combos to defeat Mother’s Judgement. Loot the items; the boss dropped after getting defeated, and then take the reward (Unyielding Commander’s Aspect) for completing the Faceless shrine dungeon in Diablo 4.

Unyielding Commander’s Aspect is only specified for the Necromancer class and increases the power of your army of dead. You can always maximize farming by doing it in the group or repeating the same dungeon, looting every dropped item, and opening chests.

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