Diablo 4 Aldurwood Dungeon Guide

The Aldurwood dungeon in Diablo 4 is where you battle monsters of the Wolf family. Here, you can encounter werewolves, wildwoods, and ...

The Aldurwood dungeon in Diablo 4 is where you battle monsters of the Wolf family. Here, you can encounter werewolves, wildwoods, and tusked chargers. All of these will be awaiting your flesh, so go in there and give them hell with this complete guide of ours.

However, it is essential to note that this dungeon is not readily available. You can unlock it by progressing the campaign in Scosglen.

Aldurwood location in Diablo 4

The Aldurwood dungeon is in The Shrouded Moors in Scosglen. The nearest waypoint to this destination is the Tirmair Waypoint. You can reach this dungeon by traveling north after fast-traveling to the Waypoint.

If this waypoint isn’t available to you, you can also use the Corbach Waypoint in Scosglen in the Strand subregion. You reach this dungeon by traveling to the southeast of the waypoint.

Diablo 4 Aldurwood dungeon walkthrough

This dungeon can look pretty simple and easy to complete by viewing the following objectives;

  • Slay the 3 Aldurkins.
  • Defeat the Den Mother.

This dungeon is packed with bloodthirsty hounds that are ready to maul you to death. Make extensive use of your Unstoppable ability, as it will help you get out of tight spots in the D4 Aldurwood dungeon.


The Aldurkins are hard to miss as they are enormous versions of werewolves and carry the name “Guardian of the Woods.” They can deal enormous damage, so stay clear of their attack path.

These Guardians of the Woods will also have their trusty subordinates by their sides, so make sure you deal with them first to concentrate your attacks on the savage beasts. After you finish the Aldurkins, head to Moon Scryer’s Glade, where the Den Mother awaits you in Diablo 4.

Den Mother boss fight

The Aldurwood dungeon in D4 gives you a live-or-die fight with the Den Mother. It can be thought of as the caretaker of the dungeon, and it will be pretty pissed at you for coming uninvited and slaughtering its family. The Den Mother can be lethal if you’re not on your toes.

Watch out for the underlings it summons to crowd control you so it can focus deliberately on you. Use the Unstoppable ability to get out of their hold. Also, keep a keen eye on the AoE attacks. The Den Mother in Diablo 4 can summon puddles of blood which can deal damage if you dare step on them.

Head over to our complete guide on defeating the Den Mother to understand better what you will be getting yourself into. The legendary aspect of Reanimation from the Codex of Power is gifted to you for your courage. The Necromancer class can use this offensive Aspect in D4.

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