Diablo 4 Spiritcaller Of Flames Boss Guide 

The Spiritcaller of Flames is a fire-based summoner-type boss that will lob fireballs at you in Diablo 4. Here's how to kill it!

Spiritcaller of Flames is a very powerful boss in Diablo 4 that uses fire attacks on you and can dismiss any beginner in no time. The extra minions that it spawns make it even harder to crack this fight. 

You will find him in in a dungeon, clearing which will give you an Aspect. You can use this aspect on your items to get Legendary-tier equipment.

As you clear Sanctuary of demons, you will inevitably encounter the Spiritcaller of Flames in D4. We will be teaching you the location where you can find the Spiritcaller of Flames and how you can defeat it.

Where to find the Spiritcaller of Flames in Diablo 4 

The Spiritcaller of Flames is found in the Garan Hold dungeon. He appears as the final boss of this dungeon. Garan Hold is situated at Strand, a subregional area to the northeast of Cerrigar

This dungeon is too wide and big and is filled with many skeletons that you need to defeat to get to the end.  

How to defeat Spiritcaller of Flames in Diablo 4 

Defeating Spiritcaller of Flames is not an easy task if you are not aware of its attacks and the extra spawns for aid. The key is knowing its attacks and avoiding them. As for which attacks to use on it, any that do high damage will work.  

Fireball Towers

The Spiritcaller erects several fire towers in the corner of the room. These towers then keep throwing 7 fireballs at a very small interval of time. See where the towers are and where they shoot. Don’t get in the direction of where they shoot.

Triple Fireball 

The Spiritcaller holds a fireball in its hand, charges it up, and then throws it. The giant fireball splits up into three fireballs going in different directions. When you see it charging up this attack, prepare to move out of the way. 

Fallen Call 

It summons some Fallen enemies for aid. These aren’t particularly hard to take out. So you can just ignore them for the time being. But over time, they will gang up on you and will be a headache.

Fallen Resurrection 

The Spiritcaller can resurrect the Fallen that you have already taken down. Simply take them down again and cull the herd. The fewer of these there are around, the more you can focus on the boss.

Spiritcaller, alone, is not an issue to deal with. However, the towers and the fallen will be a hassle to deal with. Keep avoiding the fireballs, take down the minions, and the victory will be yours. 

Spiritcaller of Flames rewards and loot 

Once you have killed the Spiritcaller of Flames, you will have completed the dungeon, Garan Hold. And you will be rewarded with the following items: 

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