Diablo 4 Item Power Guide

Diablo 4 introduces a concept called Item Power. This determines the quality of your gear and how effective it'll be. We explain that here!

In Diablo 4, you’ll need good gear if you are to survive the fight against the hordes of hell. You’ll be fighting all manner of creatures in the game, and need good armor and weapons against them. As you’ll acquire gear, you’ll notice the equipment’s Item Power in the stat block. It will change for each piece of gear. But what does Item Power mean in Diablo 4?

We attempt to answer that today in this article. Read on to learn more.

Diablo 4 Item Power Explained

The quality of weapons and gears is analyzed by item power in Diablo 4. The higher the item power, the better the gear will be.

While Blizzard hasn’t given us the precise formula for calculating this number, we can assume it’s based on a few things.

First are the base stats, the raw damage or protective power a piece of gear has. Then there are Affixes, which are special effects or buffs an item provides. And lastly, there is the item rarity to consider. The rarer the item, the more Item Power it will have.

Diablo 4 calculates Item Power using all three values. The more of these values an item here, the more Item Power it will have on the stat block, and the better it will perform in the game.

What does item power breakpoint do?

In Diablo 4, Item Power is divided into certain tiers that you can’t view as a player. These are levels at which item power determines the quality of the stats, affixes, and other bonuses.

Once item power goes past a certain tier, it will affect the rest of the stats and values. What breakpoints or tiers are there? We have written it all down

In Breakpoint Tier One 

The item power range is from 1 to 149. 

In Breakpoint Tier Two 

The item power range is from 150 to 339. 

In Breakpoint Tier Three 

The item power range is from 340 to 459. 

In Breakpoint Tier Four 

The item power range is from 460 to 624. 

In Breakpoint Tier Five 

The item power range is from 625 to 724. 

In Breakpoint Tier Six 

Above 725 power. 

How to improve item power in Diablo 4

Item power can be improved when you upgrade an item. You will see a difference in stats only when you move past a tier.

For example, upgrading an item with power at 149 will move it past breakpoint tier 1 into tier 2. Doing so will also improve the basic stats and affixes values allowing you to be more effective.

You can easily upgrade an item at a blacksmith in any town hub. Simply go ahead and talk to one and select the third tab.

Here, choose the item you want to upgrade and the blacksmith will do so in exchange for the materials and gold. The rarer the item, the more gold, and materials you’ll need.

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