Diablo 4 Wretched Delve Dungeon Guide

Completing Wretched Delve gets you the Aspect of Static Cling, an offensive legendary aspect for the Sorcerer in Diablo 4.

Wretched Delve is a dungeon that is unlocked after liberating the Tur Dulra Stronghold as part of completing The Diviner quest in Diablo 4.

This dungeon is a prime stop for farming due to the fast completion time and large volumes of loot. The recommended level for completing this dungeon is level 38. You can also complete it as a nightmare dungeon, so keep some nightmare sigil handy.

Wretched Delve location in Diablo 4

Wretched Delve map location in Diablo 4

Wretched Delve is located in the Dur Dulra Stronghold which is located on the northwestern coast of the Scosglen Region. You can reach it by first traveling the Deep Forest Sub-region and then making your way to the northern section of Dur Dulra.  

Wretched Delve completion rewards

Completing Wretched Delve the first time will get you +30 Renown in D4. The dungeon also unlocks the Aspect of Static Cling.

This is an offensive aspect of exclusive to the Sorcerer class. It allows you to attach your Charged Bolts in enemies if you land a lucky hit. This can deal damage over time.  

Wretched Delve dungeon walkthrough in Diablo 4

Slay all the Enemies in Burial Cairns

The Fallen is the main enemy type in this dungeon. These are evil spirits and demons that have both ranged and melee abilities. You need to slay a horde of these enemies as your first objective.


As usual, target the ranged enemies first for an easy victory. All the enemies are marked on the mini map so make sure to clear them all.

Travel to Tunnels of Tur Dulra

Tunnels of Tur Dulra is the next section of this dungeon. You need to interact with two levers to enter this section.

Destroy 2 Fallen Idols

Once inside the tunnels, you need to destroy two Fallen Idols marked on your map. These Idols can fire projectiles that are very hard to avoid.

Once the idols reach a certain hp, a horde of Fallen enemies is summoned. You must slay all of them while dodging the projectiles to destroy the Idols. The Idols have HP equal to most elite monsters.

Defeat the Spiritcall of Squalls

Spiritcall of Squalls is the final boss for this dungeon. He is a large ghoul in appearance that can use fire-based projectiles.

Like all bosses, he also has a fixed attack pattern that can be exploited. It can also summon Vile Demons and Vile Overlords for support making this fight tedious.

Once you deplete half of his health, killing the Vile Overlords he spawns will explode with lighting effects. Hence keep Overlords at bay while taking them out.

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