Diablo 4 Endless Gates Dungeon Guide

Endless Gates is one of many dungeons that must be finished to get the Legendary Aspect in Diablo 4. It also consists of different ...

Endless Gates is one of many dungeons that must be finished to get the Legendary Aspect in Diablo 4. It also consists of different objectives that you need to complete. Some Dungeons do not have boss fights, but Endless Gates is not one of them. You will face Scourge of the Land while progressing through this dungeon in D4.

Endless Gates location in Diablo 4

As you can see on the map above, the Endless Gates dungeon is in the Umir Plateau area of Hawezar. It is just south of the Crusader’s Monument. You can also save time by taking the Zarbinzet waypoint in Umir Plateau and then traveling north.

Diablo 4 Endless Gates dungeon walkthrough

You will face a boss at the end, so you should prepare for the battle by upgrading your gear and crafting elixirs such as healing, assault, and resistance against all elements. You will also fight many elite enemies, so choose your class wisely.

Below are the objectives that you need to complete to progress.

Collect the Animus from Animus carriers

Animus carriers are no different; they are elite enemies. Animus carriers are written under their name, so you will know when you are fighting them. These Animus carriers are represented as skulls on the mini-map; they tend to drop smoky blobs when slaughtered.

Pick up these smoky blobs to collect Animus in Diablo 4. To collect Animus, you will interact with the teleporter in the dungeon to get to the other side. Explore this new area and kill off any enemy you face. After some time, you will kill the Animus carriers and collect the Animus.


Deposit Animus into the Animus Urn

Return to the dungeon using the same teleporter and explore the Endless Dates in D4 to find the Urn. Interact with it to open a door.

Travel to the Nameless Corridors

Explore this new area and look for another teleporter. Fight off some enemies for loot on the way. Interact with the teleporter to get to the Nameless Corridors.

Slay the Typhon the Keeper and collect the Mage key

Fight with the Elite enemy (Typhon the Keeper) ahead to collect the Mage in Diablo 4. Typhon has some lighting skills up its sleeves, so be careful while fighting it.

Use the Mage key to open the Mage Door

Explore further to look for another teleporter and interact with it to travel to the other side of Endless Gates. Once there, look for the Mage door.

Defeat the Scourge of the Land

In the last objective, you must defeat Scourge of the Land. It may seem hard, but with the proper strategy, you will defeat it. It uses physical attacks, so maintaining a safe distance is a good choice.

He can also summon minions and attack with fire. You need to be patient and keep dodging while looking for openings. Attack him with your powerful attack, and you will become victorious. Once defeated, collect all its dropped items and receive the Aspect of the Rampaging Werebeast for completing the Endless Gates dungeon in Diablo 4.

This Legendary aspect is only for the Druid class, and you can use Grizzly Rage with increased damage.

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