Diablo 4 Seaside Descent Dungeon Guide

The Seaside Descent dungeon is within the Dry Steppes region, in the Kotama Grasslands area of Diablo 4. This is near Ked Bardu.

Diablo 4 offers players over 100 repeatable dungeons to farm. The first completion of each dungeon also rewards players with a Legendary Aspect for Codex of Power. Most dungeons in Diablo 4 have certain objectives to complete before players can fight the boss. However, there are also some dungeons that don’t have any boss at all. The Seaside Descent dungeon in Diablo 4 is one of those dungeons.

Seaside Descent location in Diablo 4

The Seaside Descent dungeon is within the Dry Steppes region, in Kotama Grasslands. It is directly west of the Ked Bardu waypoint. You can use this waypoint to fast travel and travel directly west until you reach the shoreline where this dungeon is present.

Seaside Descent completion rewards

You can gain 30 Renown Points along with the Aspect of Retaliation in D4. The aspect is a great addition to the builds for the Druid class.

How to complete Seaside Descent in Diablo 4

As mentioned earlier, there is no boss waiting at the end of the Seaside Descent dungeon in D4. You might however still encounter a lot of Elite enemies based on your difficulty and whether it is a Nightmare dungeon or not.

The objectives for the Seaside Descent dungeon in Diablo 4 are

  • Slay all enemies in the Secluded Grotto
  • Travel to Murky Depths
  • Slay the Captains
  • Travel to the Lost Hoard
  • Destroy Corpse Piles

Completing Seaside Descent is simple, just go through the objectives in order and you will be done in no time. This dungeon is also quite useful for farming in groups as all the objectives revolve around killing enemies instead of finding things like Bloodstones.

Slay all enemies in the Secluded Grotto

There are just hoards of bone enemies like the Bone Archer, Bone Warrior, etc which can give you a hard time if your build isn’t up to standard.

As dungeon layouts are randomized each time, we can’t really give you any info on where to go for each of these objectives. You will just have to explore. The first step, killing all enemies is made easier thanks to the game actually telling you how many enemies are left to kill once you are nearing the end.

If you are in a group, everyone should spread out and do these objectives as quickly as possible to maximize farming efficiency.

Destroy Corpse Piles

You need to explore all the areas of the dungeon to find and destroy all the piles. This will take some time as piles are found in almost every corner of the dungeon. However, since you are not going to encounter any boss, this pile search is not that hard. Once you are done destroying the pile, you can earn your reward.

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