How To Get Incendiary Aspect In Diablo 4

The Incendiary Aspect is all about improving your Sorcerer's fire skills and burning damage in Diablo 4. You get this aspect in Kehjistan.

The Incendiary Aspcet in Diablo 4 is a resource enhancement Legendary Aspect that is specific to only the Sorcerer class. This legendary aspect will help you maintain your mana levels by restoring a small amount of mana every time you take down a burning enemy.

Being a Sorcerer is all about magic spells which obviously cost you mana and you constantly have to keep an eye on your mana meter because the end of it might prove to be your doom. During that situation getting mana back for taking down enemies which you were going to anyway is like a blessing in disguise.

Incendiary definitely deserves a spot on the list of best legendary aspects for the Sorcerer class. Lastly, since the ability is based on you killing burning enemies, it is best to unlock fire skills in your Sorcerer skill tree.

Incendiary Aspect location in Diablo 4

If you are looking for the Incendiary Aspect in Diablo 4 then you are in luck because for this one, you won’t have to grind hard for Legendary items.

You can get your hands on the Incendiary Aspect Legendary Aspect by completing the Tomb of the Saints Dungeon.

The Tomb of Saints dungeon is located in the Amber Sands subregion in Kehjistan. You can either follow your gut and get lost along the way or you can follow the easiest path to the dungeon which starts at the Altar of Ruins waypoint.


Though it is the shortest path, you will first have to unlock the waypoint by clearing the Altar of Ruin Stronghold. Then from the start point, it is a relatively straight path towards the northeast.

Once you are in the dungeon, you will first be tasked with opening the Saint’s Door using the keys you will find inside the dungeon. Then take down every last one of the enemies in Deserted Commune before you finally face Resurrected Malice in Chamber of Lost Souls.

Incendiary Aspect builds in Diablo 4

As we have discussed earlier that the Incendiary Aspect is a legendary aspect that works hand-in-hand with the fire skills of the Sorcerer class.

You will only get back mana if you kill a burning enemy so it is only fair to use it in a build centered around fire damage, so that we may be able to use the legendary aspect to its fullest potential.

Meteor Fire Sorcerer build is one of the most suit examples for builds that properly make use of the legendary aspect under discussion. Skills like Firebolt, Fireball, Inferno, and Soulfire all of them cause fire damage which will in return restore your mana.

With an item like this, your imagination is the only limit so make sure to sprinkle your own magic and curate a build that caters to your needs.

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