Diablo 4 Heathen’s Keep Dungeon Guide

The Heathen's Keep dungeon in Diablo 4 is guarded by powerful Knights. You'll face two types of knights, the denominators, the most ...

The Heathen’s Keep dungeon in Diablo 4 is guarded by powerful Knights. You’ll face two types of knights, the denominators, the most common type, and the Bloodsuckers. The dungeon is packed with Revenants with sword drive attacks that will stun you, and the final boss also has some stunning attacks.

The dungeon is not tricky, and the map is straightforward, but you must explore a bit to find the desired enemies. Despite being a randomized layout, the Heathen’s Keep in D4 is short, with a typical layout consisting of Heathen’s Bastion, Heathen’s Demise, and Inner Sanctum.

Heathen’s Keep location in Diablo 4

The Heathen’s Keep dungeon is in the northern part of Hawezar and can be found in the Dismal Foothills subregion. It is located northeast of Kareka Floodplain, closest to the Wejinhani waypoint.

Diablo 4 Heathen’s Keep dungeon walkthrough

To complete Heathen’s Keep Dungeon, you have to go through the following objectives starting from the Heathen’s Bastion part:

Slay the High Inquisitors

The first task is to kill three High Inquisitors in the Cathedrals and other clerics interrogating the Revenants and the undead. They will be marked on the map once the objective is listed. You need to locate them and enter the room.

  • The first High Inquisitor will be in the lower left of the Heathen’s Bastion in D4. Reach there by taking a right turn when you pass through the diverging path.
  • The second High Inquisitor is opposite the first to the left side in the closed area.
  • The final High Inquisitor location is near the first one in an isolated room on the top of the previous area.

Enter the area of the Cathedral and attack the clerics. The vampires and undead are so ungrateful that they will also leash upon you. You have to take care of all of them simultaneously in Diablo 4. So, take down other enemies first and then focus on the High Inquisitors. They will cast their dark magic spells but are easy targets for you.


Travel to the Inner Sanctum

After slaying all three High Inquisitors, you must reach the Inner Sanctum. This can be done by opening a locked door. Enter this inner portion of the Heathen’s Keep in D4 and get to its end. Along the way, you will have significant fights with many enemies as soon as you set for Inner Sanctum.

Defeat the Blood Bishop

Once you reach the Inner Sanctum area, you will face the final boss of this dungeon, which is once again the “Blood Bishop”. It is a skeletal necromancer, the easiest boss to defeat in Diablo 4. This boss only has shadow attacks and dark magic spells.

It has slow melee attacks with its elongated arms, which can easily be avoided. Moreover, Shadow missile attacks are not difficult to counter.

The problematic ones are Fire Tornados and Shadow Barrages, which are difficult to avoid and deal heavy damage. They can be tackled by moving in a circle and using the Elixir of Shadows. Keep these attacks and their counters in mind, and you can defeat the Blood Bishop in Diablo 4 easily.

After defeating the boss, the Heathen’s Keep dungeon in D4 will be completed.

Heathen’s Keep dungeon completion rewards

After clearing the dungeon, you will receive 30 renown points and a legendary Aspect of Numbing Wrath. This aspect will fortify for each fury point generated while Maximum Fury. This Aspect is only applicable to the Defensive Barbarian Class in Diablo 4.

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