Diablo 4 Materials And How To Get Them

Here are all of the crafting and upgrading materials in Diablo 4 and details on how and where to farm them.

Similar to the previous installments in the franchise, there are a number of materials that you must farm to craft and upgrade the best weapons and gear in Diablo 4

Most of these materials can be farmed by simply playing the game to kill enemies, loot chests, complete quests, and such. The rare ones, though, require you to complete certain high-level activities.

Something important to note here is that while you are going to never need to go out of your way for most materials, there are some that are exclusive to certain regions. Hence, below you are going to find a complete list of all crafting and upgrading materials in Diablo 4 and how to get them.

How to get all types of materials in Diablo 4

There are five categories of materials in Diablo 4 where each category has a number of different crafting and upgrade materials. Some of them are specific to your late-game or tied to your level scaling, so you need to know exactly where and how to farm all of these materials.

Herbs and Plants

You are always going to come across plants growing on the side of the road or bushes in Diablo 4. These herbs are important crafting materials that you need to make consumables.

Take all of your herbs and plants to an Alchemist to see what kind of potions and elixirs you can make or improve.

Herb/PlantLocation/RegionHow To GetRarityUsed In
AngelbreathEverywhereFound as interactive plants.RareCrafting Elixirs.
BiteberryShattered PeaksFound as interactive plants.MagicCrafting Potions, Elixirs, and Incense.
BlightshadeHawezarFound as interactive plants.MagicCrafting Potions, Elixirs, and Incense.
Fiend Rose Helltide AreasFound as interactive plants during Helltide Events.RareCrafting Potions, Elixirs, and Incense.
GallowsvineEverywhereFound as interactive plants.MagicCrafting Potions, Elixirs, and Incense.
Howler Rose ScosglenFound as interactive plants.MagicCrafting Potions, Elixirs, and Incense.
LifesbaneKehjistanFound as interactive plants.MagicCrafting Potions, Elixirs, and Incense.
ReddamineDry SteppeFound as interactive plants.MagicCrafting Potions, Elixirs, and Incense.

Monster Parts

For the most part, you are going to be farming Monster Parts by simply killing everyone and everything in sight in Diablo 4. These materials are mostly used for enhancing your potions, except for one Monster Part that is needed to craft an exclusive potion for Hardcore characters.

Once you have your Monsters Parts, take them to an Alchemist to start crafting.

Monster PartLocation/RegionHow To GetRarityUsed In
Crushed Beast BonesEverywhereKill animals, beasts, and werewolves.MagicUpgrading Potions.
Demon’s HeartEverywhereKill demons.MagicUpgrading Potions.
GravedustEverywhereKill skeletons and the undead. MagicUpgrading Potions.
PaletongueEverywhereKill humans. MagicCrafting Death Evasion Elixir and Upgrading Potions.


Ores are mostly found in veins that you are going to come across randomly while exploring Sanctuary in Diablo 4. When ready, take your ores to a Blacksmith to start crafting new gear and improving your current equipment.

OreLocation/RegionHow To GetRarityUsed In
Iron ChunkEverywhereFound as interactive ore veins.CommonUpgrading weapons and jewelry.
Scattered PrismEverywhereKill world bosses, elite enemies, and treasure goblins.RareAdding sockets.
Silver OreEverywhereFound as interactive ore veins.MagicUpgrading weapons and jewelry.


Similar to the monster hunting part, the materials can be acquired once you kill wild beasts in Diablo 4.

SkinLocation/RegionHow To GetRarityUsed In
RawhideEverywhereKill beasts and other wildlife.CommonCrafting and Upgrading armor.
Superior LeatherEverywhereKill beasts and other wildlife, especially the big ones.MagicCrafting and Upgrading armor.

Salvaged Materials

The best crafting and upgrading materials in Diablo 4 come from salvaging high-level equipment. This is going to be in the endgame, so do not just keep selling everything for gold. Salvage them at a Blacksmith for their rare materials.

How To GetRarityUsed In
Abstruse SigilSalvage legendary jewelry.RareUpgrading legendary jewelry.
Baleful FragmentSalvage legendary weapons.RareUpgrading legendary weapons.
Coiling WardSalvage legendary armor.RareUpgrading legendary armor.
Forgotten SoulFound by completing Helltide activities: kill Helltide Harbingers, loot Helltide Chests and interact with Screaming Hell Veins.Rare Upgrading sacred and ancestral items.
Sigil PowderSalvage Nightmare Sigils.RareCrafting Nightmare Sigils.
Veiled CrystalSalvage rare weapons and armor.Rare Crafting and Upgrading weapons and armor.

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