Diablo 4 Seething Hivemaster Boss Guide 

The Seething Hivemaster is another monstrous boss that you will encounter in up to two different dungeons in Diablo 4.

Seething Hivemaster in Diablo 4 is an optional boss that has an insectoid appearance. It has scythes instead of arms that can be devastating for you if they hit you. It can also summon other insectoids to help in battle, as the name implies, and has poison attacks as well.

This boss is optional but defeating it will give you some additional equipment, rare items, and gold. So if you’re interested in seeking out the Seething Hivemaster in D4, read on!

Where to find Seething Hivemaster in Diablo 4 

Seething Hivemaster dungeon locations in Diablo 4

Seething Hivemaster is found in 2 of the dungeons. It makes its appearance as a final boss in these two dungeons. The dungeons are: 

The Collapsed Vault and Shivta Ruins, both, are in Kehjistan. Shivta Ruins is found in Amber Sands, in Kehjistan. The Collapsed Vault is also nearby which you can reach by going Southeast from Shivta Ruins. We have marked both locations on the map above.

How to defeat Seething Hivemaster in Diablo 4 

The Seething Hivemaster can be defeated if you know its attacks beforehand. The primary attacks that he performs are given below: 

Scythe Slash 

Seething Hivemaster uses its scythes to make melee attacks. Pretty self-explanatory what this attack does. Move out of the way when this happens so the boss only swipes empty air.


Every boss summons some extra creatures when you deplete its health beyond a certain level. The same goes for the Seething Hivemaster. It summons fly swarms. They constantly move around the battlefield, storming in circles. Stay out of the way and keep an eye on the moving flies and their storming circles. 


It spews venomous balls from its maw that will deal poison damage if they hit you. Dodge the balls by moving out of the way. 

Swarm Call

It summons four more creatures which are Skitterings and they would spit venomous balls. Take down these Skitterings immediately since they will become a problem. 

It is advisable to face the Seething Hivemaster with a tankier build. You need the protective ability to withstand its melee attacks and poison resistance against its venomous attacks. As such, use elixirs that grant you these resistances.

Seething Hivemaster rewards and loot 

By defeating the Seething Hivemaster, you will get the following items: 

  • Gold 
  • 1-2 rare gear items 
  • Nightmare Sigil  
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