Diablo 4 Immortal Emanation Dungeon Guide

The Immortal Emanation is a difficult dungeon that has you face a lot enemies in Diablo 4, but you get a nice aspect. Here's how to clear it!

The Immortal Emanation Dungeon gives a gloomy and creepy feeling as you enter it in Diablo 4. This dungeon also has many enemies which will swarm you so be prepared before heading into the dungeon.

In this dungeon, you will need to kill all the blood boils. As you reach the end, you will find the Blood Bishop boss whom you’ll need to defeat. Doing so will complete the dungeon after which you’ll get an Aspect, gold, XP, and loot.

Here is how you can find the Immortal Emanation dungeon in D4 and complete it.

Immortal Emanation location in Diablo 4 

The Immortal Emanation Dungeon can be found in the Frigid Expanse in the Fractured Peaks region. The closest area to the dungeon is Kor Rohavan.

Immortal Emanation dungeon location in Diablo 4 

You can find this area by using the Kyovashad waypoint and then moving east through the eastern bridge and past the Eastern Plain. 

Immortal Emanation completion rewards 

You will be rewarded with gold, experience, rare and legendary loot, 30 renown for the Fractured Peak region, and Mangled Aspect


The Mangled Aspect is a class-specific Legendary aspect and it belongs to the Druid Class. This aspect will provide you with 1 spirit when you take damage as a Werebear.

There will be a 20%-30% chance of that happening. This is a jewelry-specific aspect which means it can only be used on a Ring. 

Immortal Emanation dungeon walkthrough in Diablo 4 

The Immortal Emanation has a lot of smaller enemies which can be a problem. They will rush you and distract you when you are dealing with objectives. Before the fight starts, make sure that you have skills equipped that deal AoE damage.  

While you move around the dungeon, look for flashing objects and chests. These will contain gold and loot. On your way, you will find vengeful spirits, ghouls, mages, and banshees in many corridors of the dungeon.  

Destroy the Blood Boils 

Your first task will be to destroy 5 Blood Boils. Blood Boils are big balls of flesh that are stationary. Their location will be displayed on the map.

One of the Blood Boils will be near the entrance while others are deeper inside. They will be protected by enemy mobs so you should clear them first.

Kill the majority of the smaller enemies before you start dealing damage to the Blood Boil. These boils will also summon more of these mobs as the fight goes on. The Blood Boil will also create smaller boils around it which will first charge up and then explode.

You’ll be ambushed by more enemies after the boils are gone. So there will be a lot of fighting through the entire ordeal. 

Travel to the Pillar of the Eternal Bond 

Your next job will be to get to the Pillar of Eternal Bond. On your way to the pillar, you will find a room with four Ancient Totems. These totems will block your way to the pillar and will need to be destroyed.  

There will be a few mages and revenants around the Totems. The totems will also send out shockwaves which can deal a lot of damage when you step in the area around them.

When all totems are destroyed, interact with the levers which will pop up. These will open up the way to move on. You will encounter many Revenants and Mages along the way to the pillar. You can either skip them or kill them for gold, XP, and loot. 

When you reach the Pillar of Eternal Bond, you will find the Blood Bishop and the boss fight of this dungeon will start. 

Defeat the Blood Bishop boss 

The Blood Bishop is a large and menacing-looking beast that will test your mettle. To defeat the Blood Bishop the best strategy is to keep moving and dodging his spells. He has four different attack patterns. 

In his basic attack, he shoots a purple ball at you which you’ll need to dodge. Next, The Blood Bishop will also send out a violet cloud which will fire multiple purple spears in random directions. He will also slam his limbs on the ground and create four fleshes. They will explode after some time so they need to be destroyed. 

Finally, the Blood Bishop will raise its projected arms in the air and catch you. It will then hold on to you and deal damage while healing itself. So when you see the arms raise up, get as far away from him as possible.

When you have defeated the Blood Bishop, the Immortal Emanation Dungeon will be completed. 

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