How To Get Aspect Of Plunging Darkness In Diablo 4

The Aspect of Plunging Darkness is a legendary aspect in Diablo 4 that you can use to enhance the Bone Prison skill damage.

The Aspect of Plunging Darkness is a legendary aspect in Diablo 4 that you can use to enhance the Bone Prison skill damage. With this aspect’s help, enemies receive bonus damage that lasts for a couple of seconds because Bone Prison will create a pool of Blight.

The Aspect of Plunging Darkness belongs to the Necromancer class in D4. This offensive category aspect is from one of the best Necromancer aspects in the game.

Players have to complete a specific dungeon in the game to get their hands on the aspect of Plunging Darkness. As mentioned earlier, it belongs to the Necromancer class, so you can use the Necromancer skill tree to add various skills and abilities.

Bone Prison is a must skill that you will need to take full advantage of this aspect. This skill imprisons enemies for some time, making them more vulnerable to attack.

Aspect of Plunging Darkness location in Diablo 4

Players can have the Aspect of the Plunging Darkness by completing the Rimescar Cavern dungeon. However, this dungeon is not directly available and has an unlocking condition. First, the players have to complete Malnok Stronghold.

Players must travel to the northern part of the Gale Valley to get to this area. Both of these locations are in the Fractured Peaks region. The exact starting location for the said dungeon is on the map below.


The closest waypoint to the dungeon in Diablo 4 is the Bear Tribe Refuge. This waypoint is located in the Seat of the Heavens area. It can be used to teleport the protagonist near the starting location of the Rimescar Cavern dungeon. Some other necromancer aspects you can get using the same waypoint are Aspect of Torment and Blood-bathed Aspect.

Aspect of Plunging Darkness builds in Diablo 4

Even though the aspect has some good effects, it is not for most Necromancer builds. But still, you can use it in Blight Shadow Necromancer build in D4. Any Necromancer build that uses the Blight, Bone Prison, or Shadowblight skill is a good option for using the Aspect of Plunging Darkness in D4.

This aspect works well with these skills, so you can go for it in any necromancer build that uses one of these skills.

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