Diablo 4 Heretics Asylum Dungeon Guide

Heretics Asylum in Diablo 4 is one of the many dungeons in the Kehjistan region. You will encounter a lot of Fallen Knights and Clerics in ...

Heretics Asylum in Diablo 4 is one of the many dungeons in the Kehjistan region. You will encounter a lot of Fallen Knights and Clerics in this dungeon. You can take them out to farm some good loot.

Moreover, the Heretics Asylum dungeon in D4 has a boss fight for you as well. This will put you in a battle with Knight Council like some other dungeons. The guide below will help you find its entrance and give you a complete dungeon walkthrough to complete it quickly.

Heretics Asylum location in Diablo 4

The Heretics Asylum Dungeon is along the coast on a small peninsula west of the Ragged Coastline in the southwest of the Kehjistan Region. You can use the Iron Wolves Encampment or Gea Kul waypoint to reach the Heretics Asylum.

Diablo 4 Heretics Asylum dungeon walkthrough

This dungeon is huge and time-consuming, and you will encounter various types of ordinary and elite enemies. The presence of more enemies means you can farm gold, gears, and legendary items in this dungeon.

Here are the objectives for the Heretics Asylum Dungeon:

  • Collect Animus from the Animus Carriers
  • Slay Scar Gundror and collect the Maximum Security Key
  • Defeat the Knight Council

Your first task will be to collect the Animus from Animus carriers. Animus is a smoky blob that is dropped when you slay an elite enemy called the Anmius Carrier. These Anmius Carriers are marked with a skull icon on your mini-map.


The common enemies you will encounter in Heretics Asylum Dungeon will be Clerics, Heralds, Knight Errants, and Dreadknights. Sisiarhs and Xylias are some notable elites.

After slaying dozens of waves of enemies, you will be able to collect the required Animus and proceed to fight more enemies. You can also play the Demon Vessel Event in Diablo 4 and gain rewards from the chest.

After that, you must find and slay the Scar Gundror to get the Maximum Security Key. The key will unlock the Maximum Security Arena, where you will fight the Knight Council.

Knight Council boss fight

The Knight Council is not one but a trio of three giant knights; the Lord Commander, who is the leader, the Devoted Champion, and the Grand Inquisitor.

All three of them carry massive spears and will attack you with them. You need to continuously attack all of them while avoiding getting caught between their attacks. After you defeat the Knight Council, you will face a wave of Clerics, and your Heretics Asylum Dungeon will be completed.

You will receive gold, a Rapier, and a Grand Sword from a drop. You will also unlock the Diablo 4 Veteran’s Brawler Aspect, which you can view in Codex of Power.

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