Diablo 4 Pallid Delve Dungeon Guide

Pallid Delve in Diablo 4 is one of the dungeons in the Dry Steppes region. All the dungeons in Diablo 4 are home to many species ready to ...

Diablo 4, World of Sanctuary, consists of many scary dungeons you can explore with friends. Pallid Delve in Diablo 4 is one of the dungeons in the Dry Steppes region. All the dungeons in Diablo 4 are home to many species ready to eat you up.

Also, at the end of some dungeons, a Dungeon Boss is waiting for you. As you complete the Pallid Delve dungeon in D4, you will get a Legendary Aspect by fulfilling all the objectives.

Pallid Delve location in Diablo 4

To find the Pallid Delve in D4, you must get to the Qara Yisu in the Dry Steppes Region. The map above will help you reach the exact location of the dungeon entrance.

You need to make use of the Ruins of the Qara-Yisu waypoint to quickly reach the dungeon.

The map location of Pallid Delve and how to get there in Diablo 4.

Pallid Delve completion rewards

Like, all other Dungeons, completing Pallid Delve in Diablo 4 will get an Elementalist’s Aspect. This is an offensive Sorcerer class aspect and increases Critical Strike Chance.

How to complete Pallid Delve in Diablo 4

Pallid Delve is a large Dungeon with a Boss waiting to kill you at the end of it. Apart from this, it is home to many enemies, and Gorgers, among them, is the most dangerous.

In Diablo 4, Gorgers is a monstrous creature that can stun you. This gives them a clear edge over you, as they can perform their attacks peacefully as you can’t move for the next few seconds. Therefore, always be aware of these Gorgers as you explore Pallid Delve in D4.

Each Dungeon in Diablo 4 has some objectives that must be fulfilled to claim the reward. Here are the two major objectives of Pallid Delve Dungeon in Diablo 4;

Kill all the enemies in Salt Mine

The first major objective of Pallid Delve Dungeon is to kill all the enemies in the first area. Therefore, as you move through the first area, always be cautious about your surrounding, and you’ll be able to complete this objective soon.

Destroy the Skeletal Constructs

The second objective in Pallid Delve Dungeon is to find and destroy all three skeletal constructs. The dungeon is massive; destroying these constructs isn’t tricky, but finding them surely is.

Defeat the Tomb Lord boss

A giant Skeleton boss awaits you once you have finished all the objectives and reached the end area. Tomb Lord’s biggest strength is the skeletons it can summon during the combats. These summonses can prove to be deadly if you go to fight him without any plans.

Therefore, while fighting with Tomb Lord in D4, you must be very careful regarding your positions, as these skeleton walls can explode, causing huge damage.