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Saqib Mansoor

Saqib Mansoor has halted regime changes, curbed demonic invasions, and averted at least one cosmic omnicide; all from the confines of his gaming chair. When ...

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Hunter Miche

Hunter is a long time fan of strategy, RPG, and tabletop games. When he is not playing games, he likes to write about them.

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Arslan Shah

I'm a game addict who started his gaming journey in 2010 with different releases of GTA and tactical shooter games like I.G.I.2: Covert Strike. Since ...

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Abdullah Shabir

Gaming since the time when you could play Super Mario on your Super Fast Pentium PC, my gaming addiction locked in with masterpieces such as ...

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Ashar Ahmad

Enjoys all sorts of games except those made by Nintendo. Thinks Fortnite is the only battle royale that should exist. Trying to stay up to ...

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Ali Asif

Don't know why exactly, but Ali studied both Biotch and Computer Science. Out of curiosity he says. Doesn't play many competitive games however, when it ...

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Zawad Iftikhar

Founder of Skyrim is my favorite video game and I enjoy playing FPS titles (Call of Duty, Battlefield). When I am not playing video ...

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Altamash Khattak

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Bilal Tariq

My passion for video games started with playing Need for Speed and GTA Vice City on my parent’s PC. Nowadays, I am fueling my obsession ...

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Rayyan Ahsan

An FPS and Sandbox games enthusiast who spends most of his time roaming the streets of Los Santos. Someone who greatly appreciates the art of ...

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Faizan Saif

My love for games started after I played COD2 and became obsessed. We conquered national events and became one of the best in the COD ...

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Muaz Rauf

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Hammad Zia

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Hashim Zafar

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Haseeb Alam

Likes to test out different games but won't play a game he doesn't like. Xenoblade Chronicles is quite underrated. Console wars are stupid and shouldn't ...

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Talha Bin Rizwan

Talha Bin Rizwan is a reader, writer, journalist, and most importantly a gamer hailing from Lahore, Pakistan. He is passionate about all things geeky, music, ...

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