Diablo 4 Stockades Dungeon Guide

The Stockades dungeon has a large map size in Diablo 4. You should be prepared to spend more time on this than usual.

Stockades is a large dungeon to explore in Diablo 4. You will encounter several enemies, including the burning dead and shambling corpses.

All the objectives and the vast regions of the dungeon make it a little time-consuming, so after completing it once, you can move on to the next one.

To complete the objectives, you need to know the location of the Stockades dungeon in Diablo 4.

Stockades location in Diablo 4

The Stockades dungeon is found in the central part of the Scosglen region in Diablo 4. You need to reach the Emerald Chase area between the Carrowcrest Ruins and Firebreak Manor.

Stockades map location in Diablo 4

The best possible route is to travel toward the Cerrigar Waypoint. From there, you need to head out of the town by moving toward the west side. The small pathway will lead you toward the dungeon, so complete it for some rewards.

Stockades completion rewards

Your first playthrough of the stockade dungeon will reward you with +30 Renown and Crashstone Offensive Aspect.


The aspect is exclusive to the Druid class and allows the players to deal an additional 30-40 percent critical strike damage to the crowd-controlled enemies.

Stockades dungeon walkthrough in Diablo 4

You are required to complete three different objectives to complete the Stockades dungeon in Diablo 4.

The large area of the dungeon will make you run from one place to another, so you might be spending some time clearing it. So let us dive right into the objectives to make it easy for you.

Find the Rusty Metal Key

You will be asked to find the Scorched Warden as you enter the dungeon. The Elite monster holds the Rusty Metal Key, so you must eliminate it. The key opens the next part of the dungeon, so there’s no escaping.

Once you find the monster, eliminate the surrounding enemies before fully concentrating on the Scorched Warden. The enemy is capable of doing some good burst damage, so always look at your health bar before making any rusty moves.

Eliminate the monster and collect the key to unlock access to the second room of the dungeon. Here you will find your next objective.

Collect Animus from the Animus Carriers

Prepare to explore the large area and fight off several monsters for this objective. You must eliminate the maximum number of monsters to collect enough Animus to complete this objective.

The key is to keep looking at your map to find all the monsters and move toward their area to fight them off.

Once you collect all the required Animus, you can move toward the last objective of the Stockades dungeon in Diablo 4.

Defeat the Resurrected Malice boss

The final obstacle in your way is going to be the Resurrected Malice boss. The boss is known for its AOE and projectile attacks.

You need to dodge all the incoming projectiles and inflict severe damage through your high-damaging combos.

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