Diablo 4 Black Asylum Dungeon Guide

If you are leveling up a Necromancer in Diablo 4, you need to complete the Black Asylum dungeon for its Aspect of Torment.

The Black Asylum dungeon lies in Fractured Peaks, which is your starting region in Diablo 4. This dungeon contains an excellent legendary aspect for your Necromancer builds, so if you are playing the Necromancer class, consider trying this dungeon first.

It will not be easy though. You have to slay several elite enemies as well as an annoying boss to complete the Black Asylum dungeon in Diablo 4.

Black Asylum location in Diablo 4

The map location of Black Asylum and how to get there in Diablo 4.

The Black Asylum is located in the Frigid Expanse area of Diablo 4. You can start traveling in the northwestern part of the Malnok region until you reach the Asylum Lot. This area also happens to be the closest point to the Black Asylum Dungeon in Diablo 4.

Similarly, if you head east from the Sarkova Pass area you will come across the Black Asylum Dungeon in Diablo 4 as well.

Perhaps the quickest route to take would be the one leading west from the Bear Tribe Refuge Waypoint. This is the closest Waypoint to the Black Asylum Dungeon, located just east of it.

Black Asylum completion rewards

In addition to 30 Renown for completing the Black Asylum dungeon in Diablo 4, you will also unlock the Aspect of Torment. If you are leveling up a Necromancer, you can use this legendary aspect to improve your resource generation.


The Aspect of Torment increases the amount of Essence you regenerate every time your Bone skills land a critical attack. This unique effect is stackable.

How to complete Black Asylum in Diablo 4

Activate the Gate Winches (2)

After entering the Black Asylum Dungeon you will be greeted with hordes of furious wraiths who will attack you frequently. This attack will be followed by the arrival of the Wrathful Phantom as well who will continue this hellish spree on you.

Moreover, before you embark on exploring the Black Asylum Dungeon you will find a large gate that is locked. To unlock it you will need to activate two Gate Winches which lie on different ends of the Black Asylum in Diablo 4.

You will also be met with the following elite enemies which will include Wretched Skeleton Captain (Elite), Thundering Wraith (Elite), Tainted Skeleton Captain (Elite), and the Dreadful Wrathful Phantom (Elite) in Diablo 4.

After killing these enemies you will be able to activate the first Gate Winch which will unlock one of the doors, but to fully open the gate you will need to find and activate the second switch as well. The Winches are large gear-like mechanisms with chains attached to them, leading upwards.

So now you need to head north through the prison-structured hallway, where you will be met by the demons like Skeleton Captain, Skeleton Corpse Bow, Skeleton Captain (Minion), Skeleton Corpse Axe, etc.

So take your sweet time in dealing with them and then open the door on your left side. Follow the passage and surely you will reach the place where the second Gate winch is present in the Black Asylum.

Interact with it to activate it and this way the main door leading deeper inside the dungeon will be opened in Diablo 4.

Open the Door

This step is fairly simple, as you will have to go west to find the large Gate that you found locked at the beginning of the Black Asylum.

So make your way back to it and this time you can now unlock it and get further access to the other areas of the Black Asylum in Diablo 4.

Travel to the Haunted Cellblock

After you enter you can go down the stairs and once you cross the bridge and enter the Haunted Cellblock area, you will find the hordes of wraiths and other demons waiting for you so go in and kill these beasts to clear the way in Diablo 4.

Keep in mind that the Haunted Cellblock is a large area in the Black Asylum, so you will meet a lot of demons who will pursue you relentlessly with their attacks in Diablo 4.

Slay all the enemies in the Haunted Cellblock

So your next objective will be to clear all the enemies that come across your way in the Haunted Cellblock area of the Black Asylum Dungeon in Diablo 4. These will include enemies like

  • Wrathful Phantom
  • Skeleton Captain
  • Skeleton Corpse Bow
  • Skeleton Captain (Minion)
  • Skeleton Corpse Axe
  • Wretched Skeleton Captain (Elite)
  • Mirroring Skeleton Corpse Bow (Elite)
  • Bloodthirsty Skeleton Corpse Bow (Elite)
  • Thundering Wraith (Elite)
  • Tainted Skeleton Captain (Elite)

Dealing with these foes is not an easy task as you will have to watch out for their attacks which can cause a lot of damage if not evaded in Diablo 4. It will take some time but eventually, you will be able to clear that area of the Black Asylum in Diablo 4.

Travel to the Room of Torment

After clearing the enemies you will have to proceed north of the Black Asylum and from there on travel to the Room of Torment. Before you arrive there you can use the Healing Well along the way to restore your health in Diablo 4.

Then you can proceed through the large open doors and go through the corridor to find the resurrected demon waiting on the other end of the Black Asylum in Diablo 4.

Defeat the Resurrected Malice

The Resurrected Malice serves as the final boss of the Black Asylum dungeon in Diablo 4. This demon can use deadly long-range attacks to deal massive damage to you, so it is best to just evade its attacks.

Furthermore, it can summon demon spawns who will continue to target you so you should deal with them first as their multiple attacks can deplete your health quickly in Diablo 4.

Moreover, the Resurrected Malice will also resort to using ghoulish attacks, sending out green balls of infernal energy which will follow you so make sure to avoid them as much as possible in Diablo 4.

So the best opportunity you will get to attack the Resurrected Malice would be when it starts charging, which leaves it open to your attacks. So use your powerful attacks to deal heavy damage on it and keep dodging its attacks in Diablo 4.

After following this attack pattern you will eventually be able to take down this enemy boss in Diablo 4.

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