Diablo 4 Scourge Of The Land Boss Guide 

The Scourge of the Land is a hulking boss with a giant mace in Diablo 4 that hits like a truck. Read to learn the strategy to kill him!

Scourge of the Land is one of the optional bosses in Diablo 4. This looks like a large demon with big horns. It’s a hard nut to crack if you don’t know his potential.  

Scourge of The Land comes out from a winged statue as you get near him. He uses physical attacks mostly but can summon minions and also has a fire attack. Defeating him will give you gold, loot, and XP. Here is how to do so.

Where to find Scourge of the Land in Diablo 4 

The Scourge of The Land is a dungeon boss that is found in more than one location. The following dungeons are the locations where you can encounter it: 

All these dungeons contain the Scourge of The Land as the final boss. Betrayer’s Row and Grinning Labyrinth are located at Dry Steppes. Endless Gates is located at Hawezar. And lastly, Inferno dungeon is in Kehjistan

How to defeat Scourge of The Land in Diablo 4 

The Scourge of the Land has four primary moves that he repeats constantly. However, the attacks are powerful, and you must watch out for them every time. He mainly performs the following attacks.

Double Slam

The Scourge of The Land has a mace that he uses to attack in battle. He slams the mace twice, on the ground, right in front of him. Upon the impact of mace with the ground, red pools are made which will damage you for as long as you stand in them. You must ensure not to get hit by the slams and not to stand in the pools. 


Wide Swing

Clear from the name of the attack, he swings the mace in a wide arc twice. Stay as far as possible when this happens in Diablo 4.

Demon Summon

He will create red pools by slamming his mace on the ground and then summons three demonic species at random from them.

They can be Flesh Eaters, Sandstalkers, or Succubi. They are not too difficult to take down. Just defeat them at the earliest possible time. 

Fire Breath

The Scourge of The Land spits fire in a stream in a straight line. Just stay aside as he releases this attack. 

The Scourge of The Land has some weaknesses like any other boss. While he performs Fire Breath, he stays immobile.

So you need to stay close to him and attack him up close and personal. Avoid his attacks and look for windows of opportunity to attack him.

Scourge of The Land rewards and loot

Once you have defeated the Scourge of the Land in Diablo 4, you will be rewarded with the following items: 

  • Gold 
  • 1-2 rare gear items 
  • 1-2 magic gear items 

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