Diablo 4 Tormented Ruins Dungeon Guide

Tormented Ruins is an excellent dungeon to farm because it has a large number of elite monsters in Diablo 4.

Tormented Ruins is one of the few dungeons in Diablo 4 that you can farm again and again for good loot.

You are going to find large groups of elite monsters here, much more than the other dungeons you’ve probably cleared by this point.

Enter Tormented Ruins with an empty inventory and start killing (and looting) everything in sight. However, stop just before you enter the final boss room.

Teleport back to the nearest town and sell items for gold or salvage gear for crafting materials and transmog looks.

Then reset the dungeon to go at it again. Rinse and repeat until you are bored.

Tormented Ruins location in Diablo 4

Tormented Ruins dungeon map location in Diablo 4

Tormented Ruins is located in the Desolate Highlands of Fractured Peaks. Reaching this dungeon from Kyovashad is going to be a fairly long journey.


The closest waypoints are Nevesk and Nostrava. Nevesk lies just below the Tormented Ruins dungeon. However, chances are that you only unlocked this waypoint while going to the Tormented Ruins.

Nostrava is north of Nevesk, left of Cultist Refuge. You will have to take the long winding road all the way below to reach Tormented Ruins.

Tormented Ruins completion rewards

Completing Tormented Ruins unlocks the Aspect of the Unsatiated in Diablo 4. This legendary aspect is exclusive to the Druid class and is all about increasing your resource gains.

If you are running a Werewolf Druid build in D4, you can use the Aspect of the Unsatiated to generate bonus spirit and increase the damage of your next Werewolf skill. This will only trigger after you have killed an enemy with Shred.

Tormented Ruins dungeon walkthrough in Diablo 4

The hallways and corridors of Tormented Ruins are full of skeletons, demons, and other undead monsters.

Push forward through their ranks until you reach your first objective, which is going to be killing Adalgrim.

Get the key from Adalgrim

Adalgrim is an elite skeleton enemy who guards the main gate of Tormented Ruins. You need to defeat him to get the key to the gate and advance deeper into the dungeon.

Adalgrim carries a giant axe. Make sure to stay away from him when he is prepping to do his frontal attack with a mighty heave. That attack does a lot of damage and stagers you for other enemies to attack.

Head to the Chamber of Calling

Once you have the Gate Key, open the main door and start killing everything in sight again. You will soon push deeper into Tormented Ruins.

Keep exploring until you find a healing well outside of a door. This is the entrance to the boss room, but before that, you are going to face a lot of elite enemies once again.

Defeat the Scourge of the Land

Scourge of the Land is a gigantic Pit Lord who serves as the final dungeon boss of Tormented Ruins in Diablo 4.

He can attack you with frontal Cleave which you can dodge if you make a good distance to fight. Another attack is a frontal slam which can bring up a fire from the ground.

Next, he will attack you with his fire Breath which brings fire out of his mouth in a straight direction, just do not stand right in front of him when he does it.

The last attack is Summon Minions, which will come out of the fire pool of frontal slam. These enemies are flesh threshers or Succubi.

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