Diablo 4 Luban’s Rest Dungeon Guide

If you are leveling up a Rogue build in Diablo 4, you have to complete the Luba's Rest dungeon for its aspect.

Rogues are going to be interested in clearing out Luban’s Rest because this dungeon contains an important legendary aspect for their Rogue builds in Diablo 4.

Luban’s Rest has its fair share of elite monsters and beasts. You will also get to complete a timed event to farm more XP.

Furthermore, if you were wondering about the final boss… yes; you have to defeat the Tomb Lord once again.

Luban’s Rest location in Diablo 4

Luban's Rest location in Diablo 4

In order to discover the location of the dungeon Luban’s Rest, you will have to venture south from the Scosglen Region in Diablo 4. This way, you will have to go past Caen Adar and Strand to reach this particular dungeon.

You can also fast-travel to the Corbach waypoint and then proceed down south from the Corbach area to finally get to Luban’s Rest in Diablo 4 as well.

The best path to reach Luban’s Dungeon would be to start from the Caen Andar area and then make your way to the Cinder Woods area in Diablo 4. From there, you can go east to reach this specific dungeon with relative ease in D4.


Luban’s Rest completion rewards

Upon the completion of Luban’s Rest in Diablo 4, you will be able to unlock a certain aspect along with salvaging Gold drops from enemies and +30 Renown points.

This Legendary aspect will allow you to take at least 15 percent less damage from CC enemies in D4. Moreover, you will gain a major benefit in terms of movement speed, as when you get hit by a CC enemy, it will increase by percent for a short period. So you will definitely be using this legendary aspect with your OP Rogue Build in Diablo 4.

Luban’s Rest dungeon walkthrough in Diablo 4

So after entering Luban’s Rest, you can simply make your way to the Hallowed Halls, where you will have to face hordes of enemies in Diablo 4.

Your initial task will be quite simple as you will have to eradicate all of this devilish scourge and clear the Hallowed Halls of them.

It will take some time as these enemies will keep coming at you, but you should be able to deal with them easily and move onwards in exploring the Luban’s Rest dungeon.

Keep the adventurers alive (timed event)

During your task of clearing the Hallowed Halls, you will come face to face with two adventurers who are stuck in the Luban’s Rest dungeon.

Upon interacting with them, you will learn that they also came with the intention of purging the evil from this dungeon but were overwhelmed by the monsters inside. Since they cannot perform this task, therefore, you will have to help the injured adventurer in Diablo 4.

So as soon as your conversation ends with the adventurers, the timed event will begin, where you will have to keep them safe while killing hordes of enemies in Diablo 4.

This event will occur for one minute, in which you will eradicate the enemies attacking you whilst keeping at least one of the adventurers alive. These will include:

  • Clifflurker
  • Bloodletter
  • Outlaw
  • Plaguebearer
  • Snowy Outlaw (Elite)
  • Bloodthirsty Outlaw (Elite)

Once you have accomplished the task of surviving the onslaught in Diablo 4, you will receive a chest as a reward. This chest will be the Greater Radiant Chest, and once you interact with it to unlock it, you will receive some gold along with other items such as the Chipped Sapphire, Dragon Staff, Battle Wand, etc.

Kill the remaining enemies

After proceeding further in Luban’s Rest dungeon, you will have to slay all the remaining enemies inside it in Diablo 4. So go through the Hallowed Halls and keep killing the enemies that come across your way.

You will have to kill at least 20 enemies to rid the Hallowed Halls of these foul beasts in Diablo 4. These will include some minor enemies that you encountered before in the Luban’s Rest, along with some elite enemies such as the Dreadful Outlaw, Thundering Clifflurker, etc.

Acquire the Crypt Key by killing the Bandit Captain

In order to get the Crypt Key, you will have to find the Bandit Captain first in Diablo 4. Thankfully, this is an easy task as he will attack you with a horde of enemies that you can dispose of first and then focus on killing this elite enemy.

This Elite Bandit Captain will have affixes such as Poison Enchanted, Multishot, Summoner, and Plagebearer. So watch out for his attacks and land some powerful blows to take him out in Diablo 4.

Once the Bandit Captain is dead, he will drop the Crypt Key for you to acquire in Diablo 4.

Unlock the Crypt Door and go to the Bare Bones

Now you will have to use the key to unlock the Crypt Door in Diablo 4. So after wandering around for a fair bit, you will come across the large Crypt door, which you can unlock and then proceed onwards further into the Luban’s Rest Dungeon.

Go to Bare Bones and Demolish the three Sentinel Statues

This way, you will reach the Bare Bones area in Luban’s Rest. There you will have to pave your way through enemy hordes with the like of Skeleton Corpse etc. This way, you will finally come across the first Sentinel Statue in Diablo 4.

However, this elite sculpture of evil will be surrounded by common and elite enemies such as the Maugre Razorpulse, etc. So take your time to deal with the surrounding foes and continue your assault on the Sentinel Statue to destroy it.

Similarly, you will have to travel further into Luban’s Rest to discover the other two Sentinel Statues and then destroy them as well to complete this task in D4.

During the search for the last Sentinel Statue, you will also find a crumpled warning which will warn you against the enemies you dealt with earlier in the Luban’s Rest Dungeon.

So after battling your way through hordes of enemies, you will find the last elite statue and destroy it. Then you need to make your way to the Haunted Chamber in Diablo 4.

Defeat the Tomb Lord boss

Tomb Lord is one of those adversaries that you will come across in some other dungeons as well, such as the Whispering Vault, Shifting City, and Maddux Watch.

He is a difficult opponent and will use a variety of ranged attacks along with summoning minions to aid him in depleting your health in Diablo 4.

So if you have faced him before, then you should be aware of his basic attacks and can defeat him with relative ease. If not, then you need to watch out for his attacks and then strike him back with your powerful attacks.

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