Diablo 4 Conclave Dungeon Guide

Conclave is a level 54 dungeon in Diablo 4 where you need to get rid of cultists for the Aspect of Challenging Depth.

You will come across a horde of cultists who wander in the Conclave dungeon in Diablo 4. These cultists are regarded as one of the most dangerous mobs you will face in any dungeon, making the Conclave dungeon a difficult yet rewarding dungeon to complete.

Unlocking requires you to reach level 54 or above due to the higher-level enemies that reside inside the dungeon. However, due to the higher level, you will a greater reward which we will be discussing in the guide below.

Conclave location in Diablo 4

Conclave dungeon location in Diablo 4

You can find the Conclave dungeon when venturing through the abandoned ruins of Kehjistan. The dungeon itself is sandwiched between Dilapidated Aqueducts and Caldeum.

There are two ways you can reach this dungeon. The first way is to teleport to the Deshar Wayport located northwest of the Fields of Hared. Follow the path northwest from the waypoint to reach the Conclave dungeon.

The other method is by teleporting to the Gea Kul waypoint situated in Gea Kul Town. You can head northeast from the waypoint to reach the dungeon.

While both the waypoints take similar times to reach the dungeon. We would recommend choosing the latter one since it doesn’t require any side quests to complete.


Conclave completion rewards

Due to the higher level of enemies, you get rewarded with a high prize if you manage to complete the dungeon. After you have defeated the enemies and completed all objectives in the Conclave dungeon, you will get rewarded with the Aspect of Challenging Depth.

You can use this Legendary Aspect to get rid of Poison effects by striking any enemy that has been affected by the Druid’s Poison skill. Also, it allows you to restore Spirits which works in your favor especially if you depend mostly on the Wearbearer skill.

Conclave dungeon walkthrough in Diablo 4

When completing the “A Voice from the Past” side quest in Diablo 4, you will come across the Conclave dungeon. It is one of the dungeons that can be completed without defeating any dungeon-exclusive bosses.

You will be able to reach its end by completing all the objectives you receive throughout your exploration into the Conclave dungeon.

Slay the Sanguine Channelers

As you enter the dungeon, you will be tasked to slay two Sanguine Channelers. They can be found by following the red skull marker on the D4 Map.

Since the dungeon is home to higher-level enemies, you will have a hard time facing the two monsters. Once you have killed them, you can follow the path ahead that leads you to the Nesting Ground.

Search the Slain Villagers for the Laboratory Key

After heading over to the Nesting Ground, you must locate the Slain Villagers. One of which holds the key to the Laboratory. You can follow the white icons on the map to find the corpses of the villagers.  

Once you have found the corpses of the villagers, keep looting them till you acquire the keys to the Laboratory.

Slay all enemies in the Infested Laboratory

After collecting the laboratory keys, make your way to the lab and kill the enemies that have infested the area. As you start killing the infected enemies, a counter begins on the screen, indicating how many enemies are left in the area.

Once you have slain the required enemies, you must face the next challenges in the form of an Elite enemy called the Swarm Master. This will be your final challenge before completing the Conclave dungeon in Diablo 4.

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