Diablo 4 Cultist Refuge Dungeon Guide

The Cultist Refuge dungeon opens up once you clear the Nostrava Stronghold in Diablo 4. You'll fight tons of cultists inside.

You can access the Cultist Refuge Dungeon after you have liberated the Nostrava Stronghold in Fractured Peaks. This area is filled with large groups of cultists and werewolves. You must be at least level 35 to take this dungeon on in Diablo 4.

You can complete this dungeon quickly making it a great nightmare dungeon to farm through Sigils. Let’s find out where you can find the Cultist Refuge to D4.

Cultist Refuge location in Diablo 4 

The map location of Cultist Refuge and how to get there in Diablo 4.

The entrance Cultist Refuge dungeon is located inside the Nostrava Stronghold. Once you liberated this Stronghold, you can find the Cultist Refuge dungeon right at the altar at the church.

The Stronghold itself is located on the western section of the Fractured Peaks Region. You can enter it by traveling south from Camp Trenchfoot in the Pallid Glade sub-section. 

If you have already cleared out the Nostrava Stronghold, then the fastest way to reach the dungeon would be to fast travel directly to the Nostrava Waypoint and head north.

Cultist Refuge completion rewards 

After completing this dungeon, you will receive 30 Renown and a Legendary Aspect known as Flamewalker’s Aspect.


This is an aspect for the Sorcerer class and will buff your movement speed if you walk while being in contact with your Firewall. This effect lasts only a few seconds but is enough to make a difference. 

How to complete Cultist Refuge in Diablo 4 

Slay all enemies in the Halls of Assembly 

You will be tasked with eliminating all the enemies inside as soon as you enter. These enemies mainly consist of groups of cultists that can be taken down simultaneously with AOE abilities.

These enemies would include the likes of common monsters like Mother’s Chosens, Shambling Corpses, Vengeful Spirits, etc. Any Class in Diablo 4 is capable of defeating these hordes with ease.

After slaying the first wave of enemies, you might have to fish around a bit for the remaining enemies.  

Slay the Overseer and collect the Cultist Key

After you clear all the enemies, the Overseer will jump into the battlefield. He is an enemy armed with a staff and charges at you.

All his attacks are sluggish melee moves that can be easily avoided by moving around his range of motion. Use your strongest abilities on him first to end the fight quickly

He will drop some gold, two common items, and the Cultist Key. This will grant you access to the inner sanctum.

A wave of Werewolves will welcome you as you make your way inside. You can make quick work of them by using AOE and crowd control abilities. 

Slay the High Priests (2)

Once you make your way to the next section of the dungeon, a horde of spiders will charge at you. Take them out first and use your AOE abilities to deal with a cluster of them at a time.

You will now need to kill the two High Priests. Make your way to them by staying alert as you will encounter a lot of cultists along your way. The dungeon will be completed once both of them have been slain.   

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