How To Get Stormclaw’s Aspect In Diablo 4

The Stormclaw's Aspect in Diablo 4 is a Druid-specific Aspect that allows you to deal additional lightning damage with your Shred skill.

Something that everyone pretty much slept on since Diablo 4’s launch was how powerful Shred builds are for the Druid class. Some people have been doing billions of damage with their endgame builds.

Blizzard Entertainment has decided to nerf Shred in the upcoming season. While we wait just how much the skill gets nerfed down, you can still make use of it as a beastly build to cut down bosses within seconds. For that to happen though, you are going to need the Stormclaw’s Aspect as a massive damage multiplier in Diablo 4.

This legendary aspect allows you to do lightning damage to nearby enemies every time you land a critical strike. Since Shred priorities critical strike chance, you are going to be dropping lightning bolts all the time.

Stormclaw’s Aspect location in Diablo 4 

To get Stormclaw’s Aspect, you need to first conquer the Malnok stronghold in the Fractured Peaks region of Diablo 4.

This is because doing that unlocks Anica’s Claim. This dungeon needs to be cleared to unlock the said aspect. You can, though, always find a legendary item with the aspect on it already. That will have you relying a lot on luck though.

The waypoint opens access to dungeons like the Hoarfrost Demise, Rimescar Cavern, and Hallowed Ossuary. However, you must the Malnok stronghold before going to any of these dungeons. 


At the end of Anica’s Claim, you will find the Stormclaw’s Aspect as a reward.

Stormclaw’s Aspect builds in Diablo 4 

You can create several powerful builds with Druid catering to different situations in Diablo 4. We have a build that revolves around the aspect in question called the Stormclaw Druid build.

Any other build that will utilize the Shred skill will also benefit from this Aspect. 

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