Diablo 4 Collapsed Vault Dungeon Guide

Do note that the Collapsed Vault currently has a bug in which you can't bypass the foggy door in Diablo 4. Here's how you fix it.

The Collapsed Dungeon is one of the more difficult dungeons to conquer in Diablo 4. It features a vast layout congested with skeleton and bug spawns and a formidable boss in the form of the Seething Hivemaster.

The Collapsed Vault is also known for an infamous bug that changes your starting location, making it impossible for you to complete it.

Collapsed Vault location in Diablo 4

The Collapsed Vault Dungeon is located inside the abandoned ruins region of Kehjistan. Your route will take you through the Gea Kul and follow the path heading in the northeast direction.

This path will eventually take you to the Amber Sands subregion where you’ll find the dungeon. You can also approach it from the Fields of Hatred subregion located at the edge of the Dry Steppes.

Collapsed Vault completion rewards

Conquering the Collapsed Vault Dungeon in Diablo 4 will earn you 30 Renown and the Defensive Aspect of Cyclonic Force. This is an excellent acquisition for those of you looking to increase the defensive capabilities of your Druid Builds.

This Legendary Aspect will provide you additional Physical Damage Reduction with your Cyclone Armor, while at the same time giving your allies the buffs provided by the Cyclone Armor.

Collapsed Vault dungeon walkthrough in Diablo 4

The Collapsed Vault dungeon is infested with Skelton and Bug spawns that can easily swarm you severely affecting your maneuverability through the dungeon corridors.

The dungeon also features a vaster and more complex layout compared to other Diablo 4 dungeons so getting across to different sections can take a while.

It is important to note that due to a prevailing Collapsed Vault Dungeon bug in Diablo 4, your starting location at the dungeon can change making it impossible to complete it.

You should know that upon entering the Collapsed Vault Dungeon you should find yourself at the Unstable Rampart area as your starting location. If this is not the case and you find yourself spawning at the Louse of Three you can scroll below to find a fix to the bug.

Defeat all enemies in Unstable Rampart

You’ll start off at the Unstable Rampart section which is a relatively smaller area compared to the rest of the Dungeon. Your first objective here will be to eliminate all the monsters there and cleanse the entire area before proceeding to the next section.

The end of this room will be covered with a thick fog preventing you from progressing to the next area. Once you defeat all the monsters, the fog clears and you can continue on.

Place the Ancients Statue to the Pedestal

The next section of the Collapsed Vault will be considerably large than the previous one. Your new objective will be to carry over two Ancient Statues and place them on their designated pedestals.

Each statue must be carried over separately and picking the second one will simply drop the first one. So, you’ll need to patiently repeat the tedious process of returning to fetch the other statue after placing one.

Considering this and the larger area means that this phase of the dungeon will take you considerable time to complete. Upon placing the second Ancient Statue the room will transform into the boss fight arena and the Seething Hivemaster will appear before you.

Defeat the Seething Hivemaster boss

The Seething Hivemaster is of the more difficult dungeon bosses to face in Diablo 4. It’s going to take considerable time to chip away at its large HP so you’ll need to be patient. The fight can be split into two phases based on the moves that it uses.

The key to this fight will be your positioning and maneuverability since the Hivemaster will throw several obstacles your way.

The first phase of this fight will see it throw Scythe Projectiles toward you. When this happens close your distance from it and run around it in a circular motion to avoid them.

This series of movements must be quick, and you’ll know that the scythe barrage is coming when the Hivemaster knocks you back.

The Hivemaster will also support itself with several monster spawns which you can choose to avoid altogether and simply focus on damaging the boss. However, try to keep the battle area relatively clean so you don’t get crowded out.

Once the second phase of the fight begins most of Hivemaster’s mechanics will remain the same, however this time he will also start to launch poison balls toward you.

These will deliver AoE damage to you that will also slow you down. It is important to avoid them at all costs since their effects last for a little while. When you spot this poison barrage incoming, try to get as far away from the boss as possible.

Use your maneuverability to dodge the Hivemaster and chip away at its health to defeat it and conquer the Collapsed Vault Dungeon in Diablo 4.

Diablo 4 Collapsed Vault bug fix

You should know that upon entering the Collapsed Vault Dungeon you should find yourself at the Unstable Rampart area as your starting location.

If this is not the case and you find yourself spawning at the Louse of Three, it is due to a prevalent Collapsed Vault Dungeon bug. The fix is relatively simple but can be tedious to perform.

You’ll need to select the “Leave Dungeon” option by accessing your action wheel. You can do so using your D-Pad or the Key for consoles and PCs respectively.

Enter the Collapsed Vault once again and repeat the process until you find yourself at the correct starting location which is the Unstable Rampart.

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