Diablo 4 Haunted Refuge Dungeon Guide

Haunted Refuge in Diablo 4 is a forgotten Church now filled with a large amount of muddy water and has become the refuge for local ...

Haunted Refuge in Diablo 4 is a forgotten Church now filled with a large amount of muddy water and has become the refuge for local wildlife and similar creatures. Haunted Refuge is not that haunted but a specific room where a ghost resides.

It is mainly infested with wildlife like Putrid Wasps, Spike Fiends, Tusked Chargers, and other beasts and zombies. There is no final boss to fight in the end. Despite being a randomized layout, the dungeon is short, with a typical layout consisting of a Sunken Den where most of the water is and a Befouled Quagmire where all enemies must be slayed.

The Haunted Refuge dungeon in D4 is pretty straightforward with less difficulty because it has no boss to fight, but its enemies are very annoying, and this guide will help you to clear the dungeon.

Haunted Refuge location in Diablo 4

The Haunted Refuge dungeon is in the eastern part of Hawezar in the Rotspill Delta subregion. It is located southeast of the writhing mire and north of the Forsaken Coast.

Diablo 4 Haunted Refuge dungeon walkthrough

You only need to slay enemies to complete Haunted Refuge Dungeon in D4. You need to complete the following objectives:

Return the Stone Carving to the Pedestal

Once you enter the dungeon, you will find yourself in Sunken Den. Here, you must find two “Stone Carvings” items and then return them to their pedestals.


Both Stone Carvings are in the southeast part of the Haunted Refuge in D4 and will not be far from each other. But you can only pick one at a time to avoid backtracking. But this will not take that much time.

Find the items and return them to their respective pedestals. But in the exploration, you will encounter wildlife enemies and ghouls, which will be dense in some areas, so take care of them.

Activate the Levers

Returning the Stone Carvings will dispel the mist barriers and open the next section. Travel to this section, and you will face mobs of vengeful ghosts, which makes this area haunted. Here you must clear all the ghosts and destroy a skeletal construct in your front.

Then pull the levers there to open a way to Befouled Quagmire in Diablo 4 Haunted Refuge dungeon.

Slay all enemies in the Befouled Quagmire

After that, follow the main path to the south and go down to Befouled Quagmire. It is the final part of the dungeon, where you have to slay clusters of enemies. There will be a lot of enemies beyond your imagination.

All the enemies will be displayed as red dots in the mini-map, so use it to trace them. Twenty more enemies will spawn after you clear the area. Slay down all the enemies, and then the last elite enemy Festering Shambler, will remain only. It won’t be difficult for you to take it down.

Slaying all the enemies will complete the Haunted Refuge dungeon in D4.

Haunted Refuge dungeon completion rewards

After clearing the dungeon, you will be rewarded with 30 renown points and a legendary aspect, the Brawler’s Offensive Aspect. This Aspect will explode the enemy dealing heavy damage to surrounding enemies if the opponent is killed with Kick or Charge. This Aspect is only applicable to the Barbarian Class.

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