How To Get Aspect Of Cyclonic Force In Diablo 4

The Aspect of Cyclonic Force is a Druid-exclusive aspect that helps you negate physical damage from enemies in Diablo 4.

The Druid class gets access to another class-specific defensive legendary aspect called the Aspect of Cyclonic Force in Diablo 4. This aspect allows you to negate physical damage.

Since it is class-gated to the Druid class, which is a more melee-focused class, you are going to be fighting in close combat and that is when this legendary aspect is gonna come into play.

The Aspect of Cyclonic Force not only provides you with a damage negation buff but also to your party member who is in close proximity to you.

The feature alone makes it one of the best Legendary Aspects for the Druid Class. Furthermore, you can make your build more solid by focusing on the side of Skilltree that focuses on damage negation as well.  

Aspect of Cyclonic Force location in Diablo 4

Before you can make the Aspect of Cyclonic Force a part of your Druid build, you will need to unlock it and you can do that by simply clearing out the Collapsed Vault Dungeon.

The map location of the Aspect of Cyclonic Force in Diablo 4.

The Collapsed Vault Dungeon is located in the Amber Sands subregion of the Kehjistan region. It is located towards the east of the Sanctuary and has tons of secrets you can unravel.


First, you have to reach the Collapsed Vault dungeon which you can do by starting at the Altar of Ruin waypoint, all the way in the Altar of Ruin subregion.

There are other paths you can follow but it is the easiest path of them all. Also this way, you will be able to visit and complete Shivta Ruins and Inferno Dungeon which are all nearby.

From there just go towards the southwest and you find the dungeon in no time. The real test begins when you enter the dungeon. You will need to return the Ancient Statues to their specified location, on top of the pedestals while dealing with hordes of enemies.

Once you are done with both, it is finally time to throw hands with Seething Hivemaster, the dungeon boss. Once is it defeated the Aspect of Cyclonic Force will be yours.

Aspect of Cyclonic Force builds in Diablo 4

The Aspect of Cyclonic Force is focused on the physical damage negation which means that any build that will encounter more close combat situations can make use of the Legendary Aspect.

Since Druids are all about melee and close combats, it will suit any kind of Druid Build. It is a one size fits all situation where the Aspect is so versatile that you can use it for pretty much anything.

You can do a more transformation-focused build such as Pulverize Werebear Build and replace the Aspect of Might with Aspect of Cyclonic Fear and get and get even better results.

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