Diablo 4 Calibel’s Mine Dungeon Guide

The Calibel's Mine in Diablo 4 is a dungeon that you will find in the Scosglen region. This dungeon has enemies like Bandits and Drowned ...

The Calibel’s Mine in Diablo 4 is a dungeon that you will find in the Scosglen region. This dungeon has enemies like Bandits and Drowned, and the boss is waiting for you at the end. Like any other dungeon in D4, completing this one will get you the legendary Aspect.

So without any delay, lets us tell you about the location of the Calibel Mine dungeon in D4 and how you can complete it.

Calibel’s Mine location in Diablo 4

The Calibel’s Mine is in the Northshore area of the Scosglen Region. The nearest waypoints to this location are Marowen and Braestaig Waypoints. If you choose to go for the Marowen waypoint, the dungeon should be to the northeast of the waypoint.

The Braestaig waypoint is a bit far away, but if you do decide to take this route, the dungeon will be northwest of the waypoint.

Diablo 4 Calibel’s Mine dungeon walkthrough

This dungeon is pretty easier to clear. Some major objectives are as follows;

  • Obtain the Ancient Miner’s Key from Killian Rex.
  • Return the Ancient Statue to its pedestal.
  • Defeat the Resurrected Malice.

Killian Rex is an Elite enemy that will fight you along with a line of subordinates. You cannot choose to dodge this enemy as it has the key to the mine. Slay the Elite and retrieve the key to open up the next part of the Calibel’s Mine in D4.

After getting the key, you need to head to the Unstable Tunnels. This is where you will find your next objective. All sorts of enemies will cover the Ancient Statue. Return the statue to its pedestal. This will open the third and final stage of the dungeon.

Resurrected Malice boss fight

The Calibel’s mine and several other dungeons allow you to experience fighting the Resurrected Malice in Diablo 4. The Resurrected Malice is notorious for its debuff attacks. It will shoot projectiles toward you. Getting the slightest breeze of these projectiles will cause a Vulnerable debuff on you which can last quite a time.

You can dodge this attack by judging its direction in Diablo 4. If the attack is ranged outwards from the Malice in five directions, it is a Vulnerable attack. It can also shoot projectiles directly toward you, which can deal damage and often knock you back.

Understanding its attacks better will help you defeat the Resurrected Malice in D4 Calibel’s Mine dungeon.

Calibel’s Mine dungeon completion reward in D4

This legendary Aspect from the Codex of Power is the Game’s gift to the Barbarian Class. It is an offensive Aspect and can be used to enhance certain abilities of your Barbarian Build.

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