Diablo 4 Derelict Lodge Dungeon Guide

The Derelict Lodge is one of the many dungeons in Diablo 4, and is set like a maze. You need to navigate it to complete it. Here's how!

 In Diablo 4, The Derelict Lodge Dungeon is one of the many in the game but with a unique twist. As you traverse through it, you feel like you are navigating a maze which adds to the challenge.

The Derelict Lodge has swarms of enemies that you’ll find at every corner. To completely experience what the dungeon has to offer, you’ll need to explore all of it. Doing so can also get you some great loot.

Read on to find how to find and complete the Derelict Lodge in Diablo 4. 

Derelict Lodge dungeon location in Diablo 4 

The map location of Derelict Lodge and how to get there in Diablo 4.

The Derelict Lodge (indicated in yellow) is located in The Pallid Glade area. This dungeon is nearest to Blacklung Mountain.

The mountain looks close to the dungeon but you will need to move North to cross the small gap between the roads.

However, the best route to take to reach the Derelict Lodge would be the one starting from the Nostrava Waypoint since it is the nearest to it. The Dungeon is located directly north of it, but you will first have to take the road north into the Pallid Glades first.


The entrance to the dungeon is brightly lit with orange light, and partly blocked by a broken-down, wooden gate.

Derelict Lodge completion rewards 

Aside from the gold and loot you pick up along the way, completing the Derelict Lodge dungeon in Diablo 4 will give you the Aspect of Explosive Verve.

You will also get special loot from the boss including, gold, gear items, and 30 renown for the Fractured Peaks region.

The Aspect of Explosive Verve is a Legendary aspect that is specific to the Rogue class. You can use this aspect to increase your speed of movement by about 10 to 18 percent whenever you drop grenades or arm traps. This buff will last 3 seconds. 

How to complete Derelict Lodge in Diablo 4 

When you have reached the Derelict Lodge and enter it, you will find a small wooden room. You will be handed your first objective and that is to find the Bloodstained Key.

You will find many enemies scattered around as you move around the Derelict Lodge in Diablo 4. They will attack you as you approach and it’s your job to take them out.

You will also find some Elite enemies moving around with the smaller enemies and they have a high chance to drop legendary loot. 

Search the Slain Villagers for the Bloodstained Key 

The Bloodstained key can be found when you turn over Slain Villagers. These are found all around the dungeon. So keep an eye out. Even more so, keep an eye out for any monsters like Arctic Bears and Shambled Corpses and eliminate them whenever you can.

The game won’t give you their map location so you’ll have to go about this the hard way. Now, moving through the dungeon, you will find a shrine that will give you a buff for a limited time. 

Use the Bloodstained Key to open the door

When you have found the key, which will be under the fifth villager, you will be tasked to open a door. The location of the door will be shown on the map. You will likely have already visited the door when you were looking for the key. 

Slay the Enforcers (2)

You will enter the Acolytes Quarters through the now-opened door. Your next task will be to defeat the Enforcers. These are large beasts with horns and a staff. They’re easy to kill but they will be accompanied by many smaller enemies that will rush you.

When both the enforcers are defeated, you will need to move North towards a gate with a healing pot.

This gate would be closed initially but with the Enforcers dead, it would now be open. Enter it and you will get to the Frigid Workshop. The final boss battle against the Spiritcaller of Frost will ensue here. 

Defeat the Spiritcaller of Frost

The Spiritcaller of Frost is a large enemy with a staff and powerful frost attacks. He will also summon minions for help. The Spritcaller has four attack patterns. 

First, he will shoot a frozen spear at you. This splits into more projectiles as the battle goes on. The Spiritcaller will also erect pillars that split these projectiles into smaller ones which will fly off in random directions.

He will also summon some minions for help. These are mostly melee based and their purpose is to slow you down and distract you.

Take them out quickly since they don’t take much to go down. The Spiricaller will also resurrect the fallen minions around the battlefield so keep that in mind as well.

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