How To Get Aspect Of The Ursine Horror In Diablo 4

The aspect of the Ursine Horror can be categorized amongst the Druid class offensive aspects in Diablo 4 that revolve around Pulverize skill.

The aspect of the Ursine Horror can be categorized amongst the Druid class offensive aspects in Diablo 4. This legendary aspect revolves around Pulverize core skill and deals AoE damage to close foes. The aspect of the Ursine Horror in D4 converts Pulverize core skill (which allows Druids to transform into Werebears) into Earth skill, creating tectonic spikes that damage the enemies over a specific period.

Pulverize is a physical skill that now deals additional Earth damage with the help of this legendary aspect. You need this aspect if you want to create some overpower Druid builds in the endgame. To use this aspect, you must unlock the Pulverize core skill from the Druid skill tree in D4.

Aspect of the Ursine Horror location in Diablo 4

The sure-shot way of getting this aspect in D4 is completing the Belfry Zakara dungeon. You can find it in the Hawezar region (Rotspill Delta). The nearest waypoint to Belfry Zakara dungeon is the Backwater waypoint.

Belfry Zakara is in the easternmost part of Hawezar. Use the fast travel option to reach Backwater (nearest settlement), and from there, go in the Northeastern direction to find the entrance of this dungeon. You must defeat Drowned Seahag to obtain Aspect of Ursine Horror as a reward in D4.

You can imprint this aspect on most gear items, including weapons, amulets, gloves, and rings. There is also a chance to get this item as a legendary drop from World Bosses.

Aspect of the Ursine Horror builds in Diablo 4

You can create many builds using this legendary aspect, but this guide will mainly focus on the Werebear Pulverize Druid build. Aspect of the Ursine Horror takes the pulverize skill and converts it into an earth skill. This is a three-in-one package: physical damage, Earth magic damage, and Shapeshifting passives.


You can also use the Aspect of Ursine Horror with hybrid Druid builds in D4 that constantly switch between human and werebear forms. Ensure you have Pulverize skill, as this legendary aspect is strictly bound to it.

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