Diablo 4 Witchwater Dungeon Guide

In the Witchwater dungeon, you must defeat Slither to unlock another legendary aspect in Diablo 4. This is not going to be easy.

Witchwater Dungeon is a dungeon located in the Hawezar region in Diablo 4. It has great reward potential as a nightmare dungeon so make sure to have some Sigil at hand.

All the enemies you face in this dungeon are either Spiders or Snakes. These can be annoying to fight as they apply the Stun and immobilize status effects. Some of these enemies even explode when they die. Ranged classes generally have an easy time in this dungeon.   

Witchwater location in Diablo 4

Witchwater dungeon is located on the southeastern edge of the Blighmarsh sub-region in central Hawezar. You can reach this dungeon by traveling south from the Morass of Misery.

You can also reach it by taking the northeastern passage from the toxic Fens. If you are in Vyeresz, you must first reach the Toxic Fens to travel to the Witchwater dungeon.

Witchwater completion rewards

Completing this dungeon grants the following reward:

  • +30 Renowns
  • Prodigy’s Aspect: This legendary aspect is exclusive to the Sorcerer class. It allows you to restore your mana quickly. This effect has a decent cooldown.

Witchwater dungeon walkthrough in Diablo 4

Free 4 Prisoners

The location of each prisoner will be marked with a white icon on your map. Each of them is located in a different chamber.


The corridors leading to the prisoners are narrow, so keep an AOE attack for crowd control handy. Some enemies might even use stone walls to further hinder your movement.

Collect the Worn Key

After all the prisoners have been freed, you will be granted a worn key. This key will unlock the door to the next section.

Destroy 3 Wards of Eyes

This next section is known as the Slithering Crawl. Here you need to destroy objects 3 objects known as Wards of Eyes.

Their locations are marked with a white diamond on your map just like the locations of the prisoner. Expect the Wards of Eyes to be guarded by Hordes of Snakes.

Defeat the Slither

The Slither is one of the more difficult dungeon bosses in Diablo 4. This three-headed Serpent can stun and poison you with most of his moves making the boss fight very annoying for players with fewer evasion moves.

A poison-resistance elixir can do wonders if you use it before this fight. This boss has a variety of ranged and melee attacks. So, pay close attention to its attack pattern to find the right window to strike.

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