Diablo 4 Corrupted Grotto Dungeon Guide

Corrupted Grotto is a medium-sized dungeon in Diablo 4 that is overrun with Skeletons and the undead such as Demons, Drowned, and Swarms.

Corrupted Grotto is a medium-sized dungeon in Diablo 4 that is overrun with Skeletons and the undead such as Demons, Drowned, and Swarms.

To complete the Corrupted Grotto dungeon, you must reach level 95 or above, making it an end-game dungeon to complete in Diablo 4.

Corrupted Grotto location in Diablo 4

Corrupted Grotto dungeon location in Diablo 4

The entrance to the corrupted Grotto Dungeon is found in the Kehjsitan region. You can reach it by traveling northeast from the Gea Kul waypoint in Gea Kul town.  

Another way to reach the dungeon is by teleporting to the Iron Wolves Encampment waypoint which is situated northeast of the Ragged Coastline.

You can use this waypoint to travel southwest to find the Corrupted Grotto Dungeon between Scorched Plateau and Blistering Strands. The Iron Wolves Encampment waypoint is locked and requires you to complete side quests to access it.

Plus the route is too long to reach your destination. Therefore, the best option here is to follow the path from the Gea Kul waypoint to reach the dungeon easily.


Corrupted Grotto completion rewards

Diablo 4 offers players higher rewards based on the level of enemies they defeat. In the case of Corrupted Grotto, the dungeon is unlocked at level 95.

Therefore, it consists of several high-level enemies and nets you a high-caliber reward such as the Aspect of Grasping Veins.

This Legendary Aspect can be used to increase your damage output and when an enemy is defeated, it provides additional Blood Orbs. You can use it as Necromancer and apply it to enemies that have been stunned by the Corpse Tendrils.

Corrupted Grotto dungeon walkthrough in Diablo 4

Similar to the Conclave Dungeon, to complete the Corrupted Grotto, you must complete all the objectives as this dungeon does not have any boss fights associated with it.

Below we have given all the objectives you need to clear to complete the Corrupted Grotto dungeon in Diablo 4.

Collect Animus from the Animus Carriers

As soon as you enter the Corrupted Grotto dungeon in Diablo 4, you will get your first objective which is to collect Animus from the Animus Carriers.

Animus Carriers are elite monsters in Diablo 4 that are usually accompanied by other smaller monsters that aid them during their assaults.

Therefore, first, take them out before shifting your focus to the Animus Carriers. You can always check your map to see where the enemies are at.

They are indicated by a skull in the dungeon giving away the locations to the Aminus Carriers. Collect the Animus and deposit all of it into the Animus Urn and move on to the next objective.

Destroy the Demonic Corruption

After traveling to the Pits of Sin, you must clear another objective which is to destroy three Demonic Corruptions in the Dungeon. They are used for summoning an Elite monster after reaching a certain level of health points,

They are capable of shooting AoE that deals a good amount of damage. However, it can easily be detected by the red line it forms on the ground, giving you enough time to move out of the way.

Continue with dodging and avoiding these attacks till you destroy the Demonic Corruption and complete the Corrupted Grotto Dungeon.

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