Diablo 4 Crusader’s Cathedral Dungeon Guide

The Crusader's Cathedral dungeon gives you the opportunity to face the dreaded Tomb Lord once again in Diablo 4.

The Crusader’s Cathedral dungeon gives you the opportunity to face the dreaded Tomb Lord once again and unlock a new legendary aspect in Diablo 4.

You will also be killing a ton of skeletons and knights, but that killing is not enough to mark this as a dungeon you can look to farm for gear.

Crusader’s Cathedral location in Diablo 4

Crusader’s Cathedral is located at Caldeum in the Kehjistan region of Diablo 4. There are two ways you can reach this dungeon.

The first method is by teleporting to the Imperial Library waypoint which is northwest of Caldeum. Make your way southeast from the waypoint to reach the Crusader’s Cathedral dungeon.

Crusader's Cathedral map location in Diablo 4

The second method is by using the Denshar waypoint which is at the northwest of Fields of Hatred. After teleporting to the waypoint, travel northwest till you reach the Crusader’s Cathedral dungeon in Caldeum.

Crusader’s Cathedral completion reward

You get the Stormshifter’s Aspect by completing Crusader’s Cathedral in Diablo 4. This aspect is used to provide additional Shapeshifting skills while you have your Hurricane active.


This Legendary Aspect is best used with the Poison Werewolf Druid build as it provides bonuses during combat when you shapeshift in D4.

Crusader’s Cathedral dungeon walkthrough in Diablo 4

The objectives are Crusader’s Cathedral are pretty straightforward in Diablo 4. You have to find a key to open the door, make your way deeper into the dungeon, slay some elite enemies, and then face the boss.

Find the Pristine Key

After getting access to the dungeon, make your way to the Memorial to the Crusade. This is where you will be tasked to collect the Pristine Key.

Acquiring the key will help you progress further into the dungeon. The key can be found inside a coffer which is found in one of the rooms in the Memorial.

Once you have the key, make your way to the Memorial Gate and open its entrance using the key. Enter through the gate and head over to the Crusader Catacomb.

However, during your journey to the Cursader Catacomb, you will be ambushed by a wave of enemies. Therefore, make sure to equip enough healing potions that will help you stay longer in the fight against the enemies that come in the way. 

Kill the Blasphemists

After reaching the area, your next objective will be to search for three Blasphemists and kill them. They are found roaming around the area and require you to explore the dungeon a bit before finding them.

Once the three Blashphemists are killed, enter through the door to reach the Awakened Crusader’s Chamber where you will encounter the Tomb Lord dungeon boss.

Defeat the Tomb Lord boss

Facing the Tomb Lord can be a bit of a struggle since he summons minions quite often during the fight. These minions use melee attacks to deal damage. Additionally, you must take notice of the archers before shifting your focus to the skeleton minions.

Once all minions are taken care of, avoid damage from tornadoes and ghost balls while closing the distance between the boss to defeat him. This will complete the Crusader’s Cathedral dungeon in Diablo 4 and you will earn the Stormshifter’s Aspect as a reward.

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