Diablo 4 Forbidden City Dungeon Guide

The Forbidden City dungeon in Diablo 4 is an excellent farming location which will give tons of loot, XP, and gold. Here's how to clear it!

Forbidden City is a Dungeon in Diablo 4 with a dark and eery feel to it. There are walls of skulls and creepy spider legs on them. This dungeon is also swarming with enemies that will test your prowess in battle.

The Forbidden City is also a good farming site for rare and legendary items because of the number of elites. You will also get an Aspect for the Druid class upon completion as well.

This much should be enough reason to set your goals of clearing out the dungeon. Don’t know where it is? Let us walk you through it.

Forbidden City dungeon location in Diablo 4 

The Forbidden City Dungeon is located at the northern end of the Sarkova Pass sub-region of Fractured Peaks. More specifically, its entrance can be found to the left of Kor Dragan’s western entrance.

The map location of Forbidden City and how to get there in Diablo 4.

The best way to reach the Forbidden City Dungeon would be to first fast-travel to the Menestad Waypoint. From here, all you have to do is take the road leading north until you reach the dungeon’s entrance.

The Forbidden City does not have any prerequisites or any quest you need to complete. The city’s entrance is through a small path opposite a small hill. 


The entrance of the dungeon is very eerie, with bright orange light emitting from it, illuminating the rotting flesh around the entrance.

Forbidden City completion rewards 

The Forbidden City, when completed will provide you with gold, rare and legendary items, and 30 Renown after defeating the final boss. You will also get the Nighthowler’s Aspect, one of the best legendary aspects for the Druid class.

This aspect will increase the critical chance of the Blood Howl skill by about 5% to 10%. It will also provide buffs to your companions and allies. You will also get a ton of experience from the dungeon which will help in leveling up easily. 

How to complete Forbidden City in Diablo 4 

The Forbidden City Dungeon has a lot of enemies, but they don’t have enough health to cause a major threat. When you enter the dungeon, you will be tasked to kill 3 Enraged Spirits.

When you move along you will find an arch which will lead to a large room. Outside the room, you will encounter an Elite enemy as well as some minions with it. 

Slay the Enraged Spirits (3) 

In the first room of the dungeon, you will find, among other monsters, Enraged Spirits – as you would have guessed. This spirit will shoot out small orbs that throw bolts of lightning around.

It will also charge up and shoot smaller balls which deal a lot of damage. Aside from that, they are not that difficult to kill and thus the fight will be over soon. 

After defeating the first Enraged Spirit, you will find some Ancient Totems scattered all around. You will also find many Ghouls, Vampire bats, Revenants, and Fangstorms. You will need to use abilities that will provide AoE and damage multiple enemies at once to end the battle quickly.

Explore the dungeon further and you will find 2 more Enraged Spirits along with a lot of other enemies. This fight will be a bit more difficult than the one before because of the sheer number of enemies you will encounter.

Slay all enemies in the Ghastly Depths  

When all the Enraged Spirits are defeated, your next objective is to move to the Ghastly Depths in the Forbidden City in Diablo 4. There will be a ton of monsters on your way to the Depths.

When you reach the Ghastly Depths, the objective that follows is to kill all the enemies in the depths. The game does not specify the amount at first but after killing a handful of them, a number will show up, indicating the number of enemies still left.

Killing all these enemies will unlock the gate which leads to the Tomb of Thazbach. That gate can only be unlocked when you wipe out all the enemies. 

Defeat the Resurrected Malice boss

Once you enter the gate, the boss fight against The Resurrected Malice will begin. The Resurrected Malice has a few attack patterns and you will need to maneuver around them to defeat it easily. 

The first attack is the spirit ball. The Malice will charge a ball of spirit and then release it in front of it. It also spans outwards into three balls.

For its next attack, the Malice will charge five spirits balls and release them. These are homing balls and will chase you around.

Finally, the Malice will charge up an area around it and then send a shockwave which will deal damage in an AOE.

During the fight, sword and bow spirits will spawn and deal damage. These are generally not that hard to defeat but they can overwhelm you if they are greater in number.

It would be best to keep the number of Vengeful Spirits to the bare minimum. You don’t necessarily have to kill every one of them to fight the boss – just so much that they don’t become a nuisance.

Besides that, all you have to do is dodge the projectile that the boss shoots. Just focus on these two points on defense, and your attacks will take the boss down in no time. 

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