How To Unlock A Mount In Diablo 4

You need to complete "Donan's Favor" to unlock the ability to ride mounts in Diablo 4. You only need to do this once though.

You are going to need to unlock a mount to cut down your travel time in Diablo 4. There are five regions to explore in total which cover a massive map. You cannot keep running around on foot even after teleporting to the various waypoints in the game.

The only problem is that the mount cannot be unlocked at the start of Diablo 4. While you are going to spot a Stable icon on your map, you will not be able to summon yourself a trusty steed.

This is because you need to reach a specific point in the main campaign before being able to ride a mount in D4.

How to unlock a mount in Diablo 4

You need to complete “Donan’s Favor” to unlock the ability to ride mounts in Diablo 4. The good news is that you only need to complete this quest once, following which all new characters (alts) will start with mounts unlocked.

The bad news, however, is that you have to put in a considerable amount of hours into the game to reach the point where the quest becomes available.

You have to reach Act 4 to start the Donan’s Favor quest. You are probably going to be around level 30 at this point, so keep that in mind as a reference.

There are no other requirements to unlock the quest. Donan himself will tell you to go to the stables to get yourself a mount in Diablo 4. Speak with him in the Cathedral of Light and then speak with the Stablemaster in Kyovashad.

How to summon and use a mount in Diablo 4

Using a mount is pretty simple in D4. All you have to do is call it by pressing the Z key or the right key on the D-pad.

Once it is summoned, you can hop on it to travel from region to region quickly without using much of your stamina while pressing the spacebar to provide it with a quick boost in speed.

However, the Horse does have a long cooldown. You cannot ride it for 8 seconds after dismounting which can be quite horrifying when dealing with enemies who are eager to kill you.

Furthermore, if your mount gets damaged or gets spooked by the wave of enemies trying to kill you at times, it will dismount you and you will not be able to use it for a long cooldown.

One more thing to add here is that you are not allowed to call your mounts in dungeons. You can only summon them in the open world.

Each mount you receive in D4 will be the same with a few exceptions such as a different cosmetic style. Other than that, all mounts have the same skills you can use.

However, each class has its mount skills; for example, the Sorcerer class throws ice on the floor to freeze the enemies before dismounting from the horse to join a  fight.

Can I customize my mount in Diablo 4?

You can alter the way your mount looks by finding new accessories across the Sanctuary. There are a variety of cosmetics you can use to change the appearance of your horse in Diablo 4.

You can collect a Ghost Horse as it drops at Kor Dragon after taking part in the Gathering Legion World Event. Similarly, you can fight each World Boss to collect a mount cosmetic for free.  

Simply head over to the stable and open the Mounts menu to view all the new cosmetic available for your horse. Once selected, you can travel the Wolrd of Diablo 4 with an altered version of your mount.  

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