Diablo 4 Lost Keep Dungeon Guide

Lost Keep is another dungeon in Diablo 4 that you can find in the Hawezar region. This dungeon has a lot of Knights and Ghosts at every ...

Lost Keep is another dungeon in Diablo 4 that you can find in the Hawezar region. This dungeon has a lot of Knights and Ghosts at every corner. When you move toward the end of this dungeon, you have to face the Resurrected Malice in Diablo 4.

This is an important dungeon for all the classes, as the Legendary Aspect you get is not class specific. This walkthrough will help you complete the Lost Keep dungeon in D4.

Lost Keep dungeon location in Diablo 4

This dungeon is present all the way south in Sanctuary. You can find it on the northern outskirts of the Umir Plateau in Hawezar. You can use the Zarbinzet Waypoint in Hawezar as a fast travel point and head north to find this dungeon.

Diablo 4 Lost Keep dungeon walkthrough

The Lost Keep Dungeon can pose a serious challenge to players, making farming unsuitable. You need to complete to following objectives to clear this dungeon:

  • Defeat the three Fractured Spirits.
  • Travel to the Desecrated Chambers to collect Animus.
  • Fill the Animus Urn.
  • Defeat the Resurrected Malice.

The first objective may look easy, but it’s not. The dungeon crawls with knights and ghosts in every corner, awaiting your arrival. They will give you a hard time with their perfect mixture of ranged and hand-to-hand combat. Reshape your build when you enter the Lost Keep in D4.

Once you have killed the Fractured Spirits and their subordinates, you need to go to the Desecrated Chambers. Here you’ll find the Animus Carriers roaming around. Several hell-spawns will guard them, and there’s a good chance they will keep coming.


So slay the Animus Carriers the get out of there. Don’t forget the Animus, as it was your main objective. You can miss them easily, so collect every smoky blob on the ground. Next, locate the Animus Urn in Diablo 4 and fill it up with the Animus you’ve Collected. This will allow you to face the boss in the boss arena.

Defeat the Resurrected Malice

Resurrected Mallice uses a variety of attacks that you should look out for. You need to know these attacks to defeat the Resurrected Malice in D4. Watch out for the Spirit orbs, a ball of a spirit summoned by the Resurrected Malice.

This ball often divides into three while you are fighting it. This is its main attack, and all of its attacks circle it. Make sure to head on to our separate guide, in which we explain how to defeat this beast in detail.

Clearing out the Lost Keep dungeon in D4 will unlock the Aspect of the Deflecting Barrier from the Codex of Power. This is a defensive aspect, and all classes in Diablo 4 can use it.

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