Diablo 4 Uldur’s Cave Dungeon Guide

While some dungeons like Blind Burrows and Forsaken Quarry are best for party play, the Uldur's Cave dungeon in Diablo 4 is more of a ...

With the continuous nerfing of loot, gear items, and XP in dungeons, you may wonder which dungeons to look out for better farming. While some dungeons like Blind Burrows and Forsaken Quarry Dungeon are best for party play, the Uldur’s Cave dungeon in Diablo 4 is more of a solo-play area.

There is no boss to cope with at the end of this dungeon, so you don’t need to group up with other players. This dungeon guide will help you find and clear the Uldur’s Cave dungeon to farm the supplies and XP it offers to the players.

Uldur’s Cave location in Diablo 4

The Uldur’s Cave dungeon is in the middle of the Ragged Coastline, within the Kehjistan zone. It is located southwest of Iron Wolves Encampment Waypoint. To reach this dungeon, you can simply teleport yourself to the waypoint and keep walking to the southwest. You will find it in the west of one of the Altars of Lilith.

Diablo 4 Uldur’s Cave dungeon walkthrough

As mentioned earlier, there is no boss to defeat to complete this dungeon. So, you must complete the objectives while clearing out the demonic creatures from the dungeon. The enemy type you will be facing ahead is Savage Beasts and Bandits.

Taking Elixir of Man-slaying with you will be a good idea to boost your damage against these enemies.

The dungeon throws these objectives at you in Diablo 4.

  • Destroy the Barricades: 3
  • Activate the Levers: 2
  • Travel to the Bandit Hideout
  • Slay all enemies in the Bandit Hideout

You will encounter Scorched Stingers and Scorpions as you enter the cave’s entrance. As you progress further while avoiding the damage from these creatures, you will see the Barricade ahead of you. After destroying the barricade, a swarm of enemies may attack you.

As you move forward, the second and third barricades come your way with a similar pattern of mobs. Now, proceed further to reach the Bandit Hideout in Diablo 4. You will also encounter around four Ancient Totems to destroy and some minor enemies.

Having cleansed the area, it’s time to activate a couple of Levers. This will open up a new path ahead. Keep walking on the straight path until you reach the Bandit Hideout.

Finally, wipe out all the adversaries from the Hideout area to complete the fourth objective of Uldur’s cave dungeon in D4. This will take slightly longer than the previous objectives, as the number of enemies to slay is relatively higher. You will be told that the dungeon is completed when this elimination process is done.

Uldur’s Cave dungeon rewards

Like all the dungeons, the Uldur’s Cave in D4 yields one legendary aspect named Aspect of the Damned. It is an offensive enhancement that increases your Shadow Damage dealt to enemies inflicted by Decrepify and Iron Maiden Curses. The aspect will be added to the Codex of Power and used by going to the Occultist.

Uldur’s Cave dungeon layout and farm strategy

As this is one of the linear structured dungeons, we recommend playing this dungeon without a party. Go solo to conquer the area and farm as much XP and Gold as possible. There will also be a few chests in the Diablo 4 Uldur’s Cave dungeon, so check them out.

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