Diablo 4 Anica’s Claim Dungeon Guide

Anica's Claim is a dungeon that rewards you with the Stormclaw's Aspect in Diablo 4. This aspect is to be used with a Werewolf Druid build.

Anica’s Claim Dungeon is an excellent farming spot if you are looking to grab some items as well in Diablo 4.

However, to access this particular dungeon you will have to complete a certain pre-requisite, that will come in the form of clearing the Malnok Stronghold first in Diablo 4.

Anica’s Claim resides on the west side of the Fractured Peaks and houses a lot of enemy hordes with several elite-level enemies who will keep you occupied at all times.

Like all the dungeons you cleared before, this one will unlock a legendary aspect that you can pair with your respective Druid Build to bolster its stats as well.

Anica’s Claim location in Diablo 4

The map location of Anica's Claim and how to get there.

The Anica’s Claim dungeon is located next to Rimescar Cavern in the western part of Fractured Peaks.

The quickest way to reach Anica’s Claim would be to teleport to the Bear Tribe Refuge waypoint and make your way south to the dungeon entrance in Diablo 4.


If you have not unlocked Bear Tribe Refuge, your only option will be to teleport to Kyovashad and make a rather long trip west.

Anica’s Claim completion rewards

Upon completing the dungeon Anica’s Claim you will receive (+30) Renown along with unlocking a legendary aspect as well in Diablo 4. This aspect will be known as the Stormclaw’s Aspect.

Equipping this aspect on your Druid Build will allow your critical strikes with Shred to deal up to 30 percent of the damage as Lightning Damage on all the enemies in Diablo 4.

How to complete Anica’s Claim in Diablo 4

Collect Animus from Animus Carriers

Once you enter the Anica’s Claim Dungeon your first objective will be to collect Animus from the Animus Carriers.

This is a hefty task, and it will require you to explore the Anica’s Claim to find the Animus which you can get by defeating enemy bosses such as the Baraim Rimeclaw, etc. in Diablo 4.

This is not an easy task as you will have to fight off hordes of enemies along the way which will include some elite monsters such as the Buras Dreadtouch (Elite), Buras Midnight (Elite),  Habohet Evershift (Elite), Hyrug Gravemaker (Elite), Khezzol Shiverstriker (Elite), etc.

Deposit Animus into the Animus Urn  

Next, you will need to deposit the Animus you collected into the Animus Urn. This is quite a simple task and once you reach the Animus Urn, you can interact with it to deposit the Animus in Diablo 4.

In doing so the door behind you that has been locked will become unsealed for you to access further parts of the Anica’s Claim dungeon in Diablo 4.

Travel to the Tunnels of Zagraal

So now you can simply proceed through the door and enter the Tunnels of Zagraal in the Anica’s Claim.

Then you will need to take the path through these tunnels and there you will have to slay enemies like the Bloodthirsty Bone Warrior Archer,  etc.

Return the Ancients Statue to the Pedestal (1)

Once you are done with the slaying you will have to retrieve the Ancient Statue first and then return it to the Pedestal in Diablo 4.

However, the way will be littered with enemies who will attack you relentlessly in Diablo 4. So take your time and kill them all first.

Interact with the Frozen Heart of Zagraal

By returning to the Ancient Statue, a door will be unsealed in Diablo 4. So in this objective, you will have to follow the path and at the end, you will find the Frozen Heart of Zagraal that you can simply interact with in Anica’s Claim Dungeon.  

Slay enemies protecting the Frozen Heart of Zagraal

So your task will be to kill all the enemies protecting the Frozen Heart of Zagraal in Diablo 4. In short, you will have to kill at least 30 enemies surrounding the frozen heart to complete this objective in Diablo 4. These will include enemies such as:

  • Shambling Corpse
  • Bone Warrior
  • Bone Warrior Archer
  • Bloated Corpsefiend
  • Ice Clan Shaman

So once you are done with the slaying you can proceed with killing the Shatterhorn, Heart of Zagraal in Diablo 4.

This elite enemy will engage you in the final fight and he will have three affixes such as the Cold Enchanted, Chilling Wind, and the Frozen.

So you need to watch out for his weapon attacks and hit him back with your powerful attacks. This way you will eventually be able to take down this elite enemy with relative ease and complete the Dungeon, Anica’s Claim in Diablo 4.

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