How To Defeat Tomb Lord In Diablo 4

The Tomb Lord in Diablo 4 is a formidable boss player must defeat to progress in the game and obtain valuable gear. The Tomb Lord in ...

The Tomb Lord in Diablo 4 is a formidable boss player must defeat to progress in the game and obtain valuable gear. The Tomb Lord is an enemy much bigger than the player characters. He carries a round shape mace as his weapon.

The Tomb Lord is made up of the remains of fused bones, skulls, and various body parts, which are interconnected by sinew and vital fluids. His terrifying appearance makes the bravest players feel scared. This creature possesses incredible mastery over the art of necromancy.

Tomb Lord locations in Diablo 4

Like most dungeon bosses in Diablo 4, the Tomb Lord is also encountered in a number of places. The Tomb Lord is a robust skeleton covered in heavy armor.

You can find the Tomb Lord boss within the following dungeons

These are the places where the Tomb Lord resides in D4. Be prepared for a challenging battle against this foe, as its imposing appearance and strong defenses make it a formidable opponent. Only skilled adventurers will have a chance to overcome the Tomb Lord and emerge victorious.

How to defeat Tomb Lord in Diablo 4

The Tomb Lord boss in D4 can summon and command numerous skeletons during battle. And the two primary attacks of Tomb Lord in Diablo are Bone Storm and Bone Walls.

Bone Storm

During this attack, the Tomb Lord in D4 uses its staff to summon a glowing orb and throws it at its enemies. When the orb hits the ground, it turns into a spinning tornado that stays on the battlefield for some time. This tornado can trap the players in it.

But the players can counter it by moving away from it, not coming in its way, and staying attentive regarding the destination of its landing.

Bone Wall

During this attack, the Tomb lord in Diablo 4 builds a wall around himself made up of bones, which helps him restrict the player’s movement and tries to block him. Then attack the players with the tornados we discussed above in the bone storm.

The Walls won’t damage the players, but the awareness of the walls where they are situated is essential, as the tornado can harm you if you get stuck between them.

Rewards and loot

Players will receive rewards after defeating the Tomb Lord in D4 as a token of their triumph. These rewards include Gold, gems and gear loot depending on your world tier difficulty.

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