How To Get Trickshot Aspect In Diablo 4

To obtain the Trickshot Aspect in Diablo 4, you have to complete a single task – conquer the Bastion of Faith Dungeon.

On the hunt for the best Rogue Aspect in Diablo 4? Look no further than the Trickshot Aspect. This is an offensive aspect that allows the Rogue to spawn two new arrows from the original one after hitting an enemy with the Penetrating Shot Skill.

Of course, with the Skill requirement being a specific one, you not only have to select the corresponding skills from the Rogue Skill Tree but also select a suitable build to use it in.

That said, if used with the correct build though, this could serve as one of the best Aspects of the D4 Rogue Class you have seen yet. Adding the Aspect to your Codex of Power is really simple as well, as all you have to do is conquer a dungeon.

Trickshot Aspect location in Diablo 4

To obtain the Trickshot Aspect in D4, you have to complete a single task – conquer the Bastion of Faith Dungeon. You can find this dungeon at the south border of the Crusader’s Monument, which connects to the Umir Plateau subregion in Hawezar.

The closest waypoint to this dungeon’s entrance is the Zarbinzet Waypoint located in the central region of the Umir Plateau. You can make your way straight north from it and follow the path leading into the Crusaders Monument to reach the dungeon.

Once inside, you will first have to kill a few monsters and solve Animus puzzles before fighting the main dungeon boss. Upon defeating the boss Mera along with her Sentinels, the dungeon will be considered conquered and you will claim the Trickshot Aspect.


Trickshot Aspect builds in Diablo 4

The Penetrating Shot Rogue build is a highly popular choice among Rogue players in Diablo 4. Pairing this build with the Trickshot Aspect allows you to shoot additional arrows to improve your AoE or multi-target damage.

This is one of the pure long-ranged Rogue builds that mainly relies on a bow and a few arrows to tear through enemies on the battlefield.

Hence why, the Penetrating Shot is one of the foundational skills of this build. Although this build is already very strong, the added arrows you get from the Trickshot Aspect will greatly increase the build’s overall offensive proficiency.

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