How To Get Elementalist’s Aspect In Diablo 4

The Elementalist's Aspect is an important legendary aspect to have on your Sorcerer builds to increase your critical strike in Diablo 4.

The Elementalist’s Aspect is an excellent addition to the legendary aspects that can only be equipped by the Sorcerer class in Diablo 4. With this aspect, you get a greater critical strike chance by using your core or mastery skills against all kinds of enemies.

The aspect falls in the offensive category, as it allows you to deal maximum physical damage with your critical strikes. Since you are going to use much of your core and mastery skills, this aspect will take your crit hits percentage to the next level.

Elemantalist’s Aspect location in Diablo 4

To get your hands on Elemantalist’s aspect, you must overcome the horrors of the Pallid Delve dungeon and complete it to get some good loot in Diablo 4. For this dungeon, you need to explore the salt mines of Qara Yisu, found in the region of Dry Steppes.

You can use the Ruins of Qara-Yisu stronghold waypoint to get to the location quick. The waypoint reduces your distances to minimal and gives you access to Shifting City dungeon on the north and Betrayer’s Row on the northeast.

Elementalist’s Aspect builds in Diablo 4

You can use Elementalist’s aspect with different Sorcerer builds in Diablo 4. However, you must ensure those builds revolve around core and mastery skills.

One such build is the Arc Lash Sorcerer Build in D4. This one goes perfectly with Elementalist’s aspect as it uses several such skills during combat.


This ranged build allows you to bring havoc on your enemies while keeping your distance. Moreover, the inclusion of this legendary aspect will ensure that you land maximum critical hits to bring down the enemies.

So try to use the Elementalist’s aspect with builds that rely primarily on core and mastery skills. You can also use the aspect with the Burning Meteor Sorcerer build for the abovementioned reasons.

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