Diablo 4 Chief Marauder Boss Guide 

The Chief Marauder is an easy to take down bandit type boss in Diablo 4. He doesn't do much but can still be deadly. Here's how to kill him!

Chief Marauder is one of the easier bosses that you will have to defeat in Diablo 4. In terms of physique, the Chief Marauder boss appears to be a larger human and wields a two-sided giant axe.

You will face this boss twice in different dungeons like the Earthen Wound and outside the Bloodsoaked Crag dungeon in Diablo 4 

So if you are interested in taking down this enemy boss, then we have got you covered. Read to learn how you can defeat the Chief Marauder boss in D4. 

Where to find Chief Marauder in Diablo 4 

Chief Marauder is known to show up at two different locations in the game. They are given below.

Earthen Wound 

diablo 4 earthen wound location

To face this enemy boss Chief Marauder, you will need to venture towards the Southwestern side of the Umir Plateau in Diablo 4. You can get here if you travel West from the Fields of Desecration.

Bloodsoaked Crag 

diablo 4 bloodsoaked crag

You may encounter Chief Marauder outside after clearing the Bloodsoaked Crag dungeon. While exiting the dungeon, head West and you will come across a barrier. Once you dispel the barrier and proceed further, there is a chance that Chief Marauder will appear and fight you in Diablo 4.  


How to defeat Chief Marauder in Diablo 4 

You need to learn his attack patterns and then avoid them to defeat him. The Chief Marauder will begin with a straightforward attack with a Forward Slash.

Simply dodge it and get out of the way in Diablo 4. He will also use a fierce Spinning slash attack which works as you may expect. Move out of the way and wait for it to end. 

Finally, for his last attack, Chief Marauder will make full use of his axe and deliver a full-swing attack. However, there will be a charge-up time before he does that which is your cue to get away. 

Chief Marauder rewards and loot 

You will get a decent amount of gold and some magic-tier and rare-tier loot for this encounter.

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