Diablo 4 High Council Boss Guide

The High Council is a unique boss in Diablo 4 that consists of 4 enemies you take down simultaneously. Here is how to take them out!

The High Council is a unique boss that is made up of four enemies in Diablo 4. The High Council is the upgraded version of the Knight Council. This consists of the Lord Commander, the Grand Inquisitor, Devoted Champion, and the Sacred Physician.  

All of these enemies have their abilities and together the fight becomes a serious challenge. We will guide you on how to find and defeat the High Council in D4. 

Where to find the High Council in Diablo 4

cathedral of light and high council map location in Diablo 4

The High Council can be found in the Cathedral of Light dungeon. This dungeon is located to the North of the city of Kyovashad. This is a level 50 dungeon that you will need to clear to move on to World Tier 3: Nightmare.  

The High Council can be found near the middle of the dungeon. When you enter the dungeon, you will need to collect the Animus from the defeated Revenant Knights.

Next, you will deposit all of the collected Animus into the Animus Urn. This will open a door and a path will lead towards the High Council Court.

The council acts as a mini-boss in this region and you’ll need to defeat them to proceed. After they are defeated, you will go ahead and face the final boss. 

How to defeat the High Council in Diablo 4 

The High Council can be a challenge to defeat especially if you don’t know which member you have to defeat first.

We recommend that you start with the Sacred Physician and then later choose any order to kill the remaining. We will go through what each enemy’s attacks are. 

Sacred Physician 

The Sacred Physician should be your first priority to defeat. He is the healer and support in the council and will resurrect the others if you don’t kill him first. He will be in the back and will try to evade you if you go for him.

Apart from healing and reviving dead teammates, he also shoots bolts at you and uses holy AOE attacks.

Grand Inquisitor 

The Grand Inquisitor should be your second priority. He doesn’t have healing and resurrecting abilities but the attacks he performs are hard to avoid.  

He will teleport to you if you wander far off from him and he will send a shockwave that deals lightning damage. This attack has a large area of effect and will push you back. 

Devoted Champion 

Once the first two members of the High Council are dealt with, you can focus on either the Devoted Champion or the Lord Commander. The Devoted Champion does not have as much health as the Lord Commander so he’ll go down quickly. Take him out and reduce your headache.

His attacks are also simple hits and a charged spear thrust.  

Lord Commander 

The Lord Commander should be the last remaining enemy you will defeat to finish the high council in Diablo 4. he is slow and his attacks have a long charging time, but he has a lot of health. He also deals a lot of damage from his attacks. 

He charges his club and then swings it around. Next, he winds up and slams the club on the ground which sends bolts flying in five directions. And finally, he charges and unleashes a three-hit combo.  

After the High Council has fallen, a group of smaller mobs will unexpectedly jump at you. They are not that powerful but they are great in number so they can ambush you. 

The High Council rewards and loot 

The High Council is a mini-boss and thus you will find some rare loot, gold, and experience after the fight. One thing to note is that only the last fallen council member will drop the loot, and the others will not drop anything. 

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