Diablo 4 Sarat’s Lair Dungeon Guide

The Sarat’s Lair Dungeon is designed in a maze-like structure that branches out in every direction in Diablo 4.

A maze on its own is scary enough. Fill it with gigantic spiders out for your blood, that’s when you call it Sarat’s Lair Dungeon in Diablo 4. Sarat’s Lair is a quick and easy dungeon in D4 which is also a great way to farm some XP.

What you get as a reward is the least of your problems because it is not going to be a walk in the park taking down elite spider monsters and the Dungeon Boss. But once you get the hang of it, you are going to be coming back again and again to farm loot and XP.

Sarat’s Lair location in Diablo 4

Sarat’s Lair Dungeon is located in the central subregion of Scosglen – The Downs. There are no prior requirements that you need to complete before you can land in this one.

The dungeon is located at the southern edge of The Down subregion. You can either complete it as part of the Feral Moon Side quest or you can complete it and get your reward.

Sarat’s Lair completion rewards

Upon completion of the Dungeon, you will receive a total of 30 renown that you can spend on absolutely anything you want and as always XP is part of the deal.

Finally, you will also receive the Legendary Aspect, Snowveiled Defensive Aspect to add to your codex of power.

The Snowveild Legendary aspect will grant you the ability to cast spells that give your character the ability to make ice armor protecting you against attacks. Sadly, this legendary aspect is only limited to Sorcerer class.

Sarat’s Lair dungeon walkthrough in Diablo 4

First and foremost make sure that you don’t get overwhelmed by the narrow and tight layout of the Dungeon and that can confuse anyone when are getting swarmed by enemies.

Secondly, there are only two objectives in Sarat’s Lair, and both of which are gonna take place in the same arena.

Locate and destroy Silken Spire

The Sarat’s Lair Dungeon is designed in a maze-like structure that branches out in every direction. The first task at hand is to find and destroy three of the Silken Spires. These are tall structures that will launch poisonous AoE attacks on you but if you are quick on your feet, they can easily be avoided.

When you first approach a spire, you might think it is easy to just find and destroy but each spire has a protective mechanism that spawns an elite enemy in order to protect the spire.

Take down the enemy and then destroy the spire to mark the first objective as complete.

Defeat the Sarat boss

Once you have destroyed all of the Silken Spires, now is time for the tricky part of the Dungeon, which is to take down the Dungeon Boss. It is evident from the name of the Dungeon who is going to be the Dungeon Boss and that’s Sarat the Spider.

There are two attacks that you need to watch for. The first one is Web Spray, where Sarat shoots out a piece of web and if you are caught in it, you will be rendered useless and you won’t be able to move.

Second, is the Poison Balls. This is where she will create a poison AoE by throwing balls of poison on the ground, creating a poisonous AoE.

The number of balls and the area of the effect increase as the overall health of Sarat decreases so keep an eye out for that. The best tip to follow is to keep running around and not get caught in any of her attacks. You will take her down in no time.

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