Diablo 4 Maddux Watch Dungeon Guide

Maddux Watch is another dungeon that is home to the Tomb Lord boss in Diablo 4. This should be easy to clear.

The Maddux Watch Dungeon is one of those dungeons which will keep you occupied with its huge area for you to cover while battling demonic enemies in the form of Skeletons in Diablo 4.

This dungeon should be on your list if you are aiming for a powerful sorcerer build. The legendary aspect you will unlock from here will definitely help bolster the stats for your build.

Once inside the Maddux Watch Dungeon, you will have to complete different tasks while exploring the dungeon and fighting the hordes of enemies as well as the Tomb Lord.

Maddux Watch location in Diablo 4

Maddux Watch dungeon location in Diablo 4

The Maddux Watch Dungeon lies on the south side of the Scosglen Region and can be accessed by the waypoint, Under the Fat Goose Inn, in Diablo 4.

You can simply follow the road to reach the area known as the Great Northern Plains and, from there, head in the southeastern direction. After a while, you will finally stumble across the dungeon entrance in D4.

Maddux Watch completion rewards

Clearing Maddux Watch will unlock the Charged Aspect, which is very useful for your Sorcerer builds.


It increases your movement speed by 10 percent once you collect Crackling Energy in Diablo 4. Lastly, you will also earn +30 Renown Points.

Maddux Watch dungeon walkthrough in Diablo 4

After entering the Maddux Watch Dungeon in Diablo 4, your initial task will be to find the Mechanical Box first and then bring it to the pedestal.

This task is an arduous one as you will have to do a lot of exploring and taking down hordes of enemies along the way as well. These will include enemies like Skeleton, Stinging Swarm, Skeleton Corpse Axe, etc.

Save the Wandering Soul and kill all the enemies

There is also a timed event in the Maddux Watch dungeon. You will discover a human soup trapped in an area that you can save from the skeletons.

You will learn that she is being tormented by these foul creatures as they are feeding on her soul. So the Wandering Soul time event will then begin in Diablo 4.

During this, you will be tasked with keeping the soul safe from all the surrounding enemies that will be targeting you both frequently. This course will stay on for a minute, during which you need to survive and eliminate all the enemies (especially the Soul-imbued ones) attacking you in Diablo 4.

Once you complete this task successfully, you can then interact with the soul again, and this will help relieve her from suffering. By doing so, you receive a radiant chest that you can open to receive different items, e.g., Dragon Staff, Strider’s Crown, 10 Murmuring Obols, etc.

Interact with Channeling Shrine

Next, you can keep on with the search for the Mechanical Box by moving further into the Maddux Watch Dungeon. After searching for a while, you will come across a Channeling Shrine that you can interact with in Diablo 4.

This will result in you gaining a powerful buff in which the skills you use will cost you no resources. Apart from that, you will also benefit from having a reduced cooldown as well which will prove to be effective when dealing with a large number of enemies.

Next, you will come across the Mechanical Pedestal, but to make it functional, you will require the Mechanical Box. So after searching the area, you will eventually stumble upon it in Diablo 4.

As always, the path will be littered with both common (Skeleton Archer minions) and elite enemies (Thundering Skeleton Corpse Axe, etc. ) alike, so take your time in dealing with them first.

Uupon finding the Mechanical Box interact with it and take it back to the Mechanical Pedestal that you passed before in Diablo 4.

Along the way, you will discover a Faded Latter as well from Brother Kozena, which will say something about sealing the passageways to the crypt.

Make your way to the pedestal, and once you place it on the mechanical box, the large door will be unlocked, making the other parts of the Maddux Watch dungeon available for you to access in Diablo 4.

Eradicate all three Skeletal Constructs

With the door unlocked, you can enter the area known as the Crypt of Unrest in the Maddux Watch Dungeon in Diablo 4. Continue down the stairs and then climb down the ladder.

On the levels below, you will have to kill skeleton archers, vengeful spirits, and skeleton minions to clear the path ahead.

You will also come across a Shattering Skeleton Captain, which happens to be an elite enemy with one affix Frozen in Diablo 4.

He is not a tough enemy, and you can dispose of him and his surrounding lackeys with relative ease. Continue onwards, and you will find the first Elite Skeletal Construct.

This structure of evil will be protected by elite enemies, e.g., Wrevis Firebrand, etc., and a horde of skeleton minions. So take your time and kill all of them and then proceed to destroy the Skeletal construct in Diablo 4.  

Similarly, discover the other areas of the Maddux Watch dungeon to find the two remaining Skeletal Constructs and destroy these as well. You will face enemies like

  • Vengeful Spirits
  • Banshee
  • Skeleton Captain
  • Wretched Vengeful Spirit (Elite)
  • Skeletal Construct (Elite)
  • Galeren Coldclaw (Elite)
  • Emaldus Boltrend (Elite)

Proceed towards the Ossuary of Echoing Anguish

So after you have dealt with the hordes of enemies above and completed the task of destroying all the Skeletal Constructs, you can go to yet another area in the Maddux Watch dungeon. This area will be known as the Ossuary of Echoing Anguish.

So after dealing with some angry, vengeful spirits along the way and some elite foes like the Bloodthirsty Banshee (Elite), you will find the Blast Wave Shrine along the way as well in Diablo 4.

By interacting with it, you will gain temporary buffs, which will, in turn, bolster your stats, granting you unique effects, and these can be really useful when dealing with large masses of enemies.

Defeat the Tomb Lord boss

Once you reach the required area, the large door will be unlocked for you, and after going down the stairs, you will get to meet the main boss of the Maddux Watch dungeon in Diablo 4, the Tomb Lord.

This boss is infamous for his appearances in other dungeons, such as the Whispering Vault, Shifting City, Luban’s Rest, etc.

So after facing this foe many times in boss fights, you should be aware of his basic attack patterns. As this enemy boss will target you with ranged attacks, e.g., blinding AOE, Bone Wall, and also summon his minions to distract you by attacking you frequently.

So deal with them first and stay out of the Tomb Lord’s attacking range. Save your powerful hits and wait for the right opportunity to attack this enemy boss back with them. Eventually, you will be able to take down the Tomb Lord with relative ease in Diablo 4.

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