Diablo 4 Fractured Peaks Region Guide

The Fractured Peaks region is the first area you'll explore in Diablo 4. There is a lot to do here. This guide will explain it all.

The Fractured Peaks is the starting zone of Diablo 4 and is a frozen rocky mountainous area. On the sanctuary map, it is located between Scosglen and Hawezar.  

A sect of monks known as the Cathedral of Light reside here and you’ll be interacting with them throughout the campaign. The region takes inspiration from Victorian Gothic horror aesthetic and is based on the Carpathian Mountains. 

The main town hub here is Kyovashad and hosts many NPC’s that will be useful during the campaign. You’ll also find many of the merchants here that provide their services to you. 

You will also come across World Bosses such as Ashava, The Pestilent here in the Crucible area. Defeating them will give you special items called Scattered Prisms and loot.

You’ll explore this particular region at the beginning of the game and continue onwards till you reach level 20.  

Crafting Materials  

There are many Crafting Materials that you will discover in the Fractured Peaks region. Amongst these are three Herbs, Angelbreath, Gallowvine, and Biteberry. Biteberry is the only herb that is exclusive to the Fractured Peaks region. While the other two herbs are also found in other locations on the Diablo 4 map.

These can be used in crafting elixirs, potions, and incense. You’ll also find different ores such as Iron, Silver, and the like. These are used to upgrade weapons and armor and make them stronger.

Altars of Lilith  

There are a total of 28 Altars of Lilith in Fractured Peaks that are evenly distributed in this specific region. You will have to unlock each of these in Diablo 4

As each of these altars will grant you a permeant benefit. They will increase your core stats along with increasing the number of maximum Murmuring Obols. By discovering all of the Fractured Peaks Altar of Lilith, you will receive the following rewards in D4.

Willpower +12 
Intelligence +12 
Strength +12 
Paragon Point +12 
Dexterity  +12 
Murmuring Obols +20 

Similarly, you can also devote your time to finding all Altars of Lilith locations in other regions as well. In doing so, you will be able to reinforce your build with these core stats and dominate your fights.


There are 23 Dungeons found in the Fractured Peaks region. Completing these dungeons will earn you renown points and you will be able to unlock a legendary aspect from each of them.  

Some of these dungeons will require you to clear the strongholds as prerequisites first. During some, you will have to face the final boss and kill it. 

However, the unique aspects you unlock will be exclusive to their respective classes. There are 5 aspects for the Necromancer class in the Fractured Peaks region. 

You will get four aspects each for the Sorcerer classBarbarian class, and Druid class. The Rogue class has the least amount of aspects here with only three legendary aspects in the region.

You should definitely invest your time in finding all dungeon locations in other regions as well. Not only will you earn legendary aspects, but will have a chance to get some legendary loot as well.


Strongholds are filled to the brim with enemy hordes, elite enemies, and bosses. There is always a chance to get some high-level loot and once you liberate them, they’ll become a hub with some merchants present at the location. Not to mention you’ll also activate them as a waypoint making travel around Sanctuary easier. So in this specific region, you will come across 3 Fractured Peak strongholds in areas known as Malnok, Nostrava, and Kor Dragon in D4. 

Clearing each of these will gain you access to nearby towns, waypoints, and side quests associated with certain NPCs in this region.

The Malnok Stronghold can be found towards the east of Kyovashad. You will be facing the Ice Clan Stormcallers along with hordes of Ice Clan members here. In the end, you will have to kill the Frosthorn boss to clear this stronghold. 

Similarly, to the west of Kyovashad, you will find the Nostrava Stronghold. The place will be overrun with cultists and you’ll need to kill them all to liberate the stronghold.

Apart from these, you will have to eliminate the Demonic Effigies inside the homes of the villagers. Finally, you will face the final trio of bosses known as Negala, Torvala, and Kozira in Diablo 4. 

Lastly, the Kor Dragan Stronghold is located on the north side of Kyovashad. Now you will fight Vampires. In the end, you will have to fight Nilcar, the Forgotten Bishop after which the stronghold will be marked as complete in Diablo 4.  

Check our guide where we have covered all Stronghold locations in D4. We go over what you have to do at the locations, what enemies you fight, and what you get in return.


Unlocking all waypoints locations is a necessary task as it makes traveling long distances easier. They’ll allow you to fast travel and access nearby locations easily. As such the Fractured Peaks region includes 7 waypoints that can be unlocked in Diablo 4. 

However, not all of these Fractured Peaks waypoints are accessible that easily. Some will require you to clear strongholds near them first in order to be unlocked and ready for use. 

All of these waypoints will be located on the south side and west sides of the Fractured Peaks region. A majority of these waypoints will be unlocked via the storyline and you’ll need to activate the rest by exploring and finding them yourself.

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